Adam Jablin Is Helping Thousands Of People Transform Their Life Through The Hero 7 Online Course Available To All Ages In the Blink Of An Eye

Life is a conglomerate of actions, comings and goings, rewarding experiences and difficult times. Everyday there are opportunities to learn lessons and make better decisions. But this is easier when counting with the support of professionals who can help improve people’s lives spiritually, professionally and personally.

Adam Jablin is the #1 transformational life coach and recovery mentor to the stars. With his accredited life and recovery coaching certifications and mentorship degrees, he has designed The Hero 7 online course.

The Hero 7 is my free online course. It’s simple! You download a free app called Workplace where you get your own personal account that is just like Facebook. There you will receive one video each day building on the last. It’s also a way people  can speak one on one with me personally, or share with the other Heroes!” Adam explains.

Adam started The Hero 7 course about two months ago and has already had over 4,000 people. His biggest motivation was seeing what COVID-19 did to everyone and seeing so many people struggling and looking for a way out of their “funk.”

The Hero 7 course follows Adam’s The Hero Project, a 90-day training program where he coaches people one-on one. Since he was young, Adam dreamed of being like Superman and other superheroes–he wanted to help people go through life transformations and lead better lives. This is why his ventures have the word “hero” in them.

“Every hero is about transformation. About finding your true power. From Clark Kent to Superman. From Bruce Wayne to Batman. From Tony Stark to Ironman. Hey, Robert Downey Jr., went from dealing with alcoholism and addictions to being the world’s number one movie star. It’s the hero’s journey!” Adam says.

With all of this in mind, Adam’s latest venture, The Hero 7, is currently helping people overcome personal, professional and financial problems. Adam accompanies his clients throughout the course, which is open to people from all ages. So far, Adam has helped people deal with specific problems such as weight problems, addictions, chemical dependencies, alcoholism and trauma. 

“My goal is to give my clients peace of mind and clarity. I really focus on the mental, emotional, physical, financial and spiritual health of my clients. What I have found personally is, when we get them to be spiritually fit first, the rest falls into place. Easier said than done though.” Adam shares.

In 2021, Adam will appear on various talk shows that have contacted him as well as Podcast programs. Thanks to the attention that the media is placing on Adam, The Hero Project is growing to become, in his words, Adam’s own Justice League or Avengers type family. 

Additionally, Adam is writing a book with his mentor, Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer Dion DiMucci, called “CONVERSATIONS WITH DION.” The premise is to bring the world into Adam and Dion’s conversations on their lives and allow people to learn from Dion like Adam has.

More importantly, Adam will continue to grow The Hero 7 and The Hero Project, through which he is able to help thousands of people. By simply downloading an App, people can be a part of The Hero 7 and receive counseling.

“The most rewarding part of my job is the feeling of being a part of somebody’s growth. To watch them come back to life and accomplish their dreams. It’s like ecstasy.” Adam adds. “The hardest part is definitely cutting out people’s excuses to fight for their own limitations. I’d rather coddle and people please, but I have to put my foot down and say ‘enough.’”

Indeed, for Adam, a successful coaching session is one in which his client gets to feel hope. Adam emphasizes there is nothing like seeing the client’s reality or perception shift towards hope. 

“What I love most about my job is seeing the light come to my client’s eyes. When I see the spirit awaken the same way Dion helped awake mine!” Adam states.

For Adam, the three keys to living a meaningful life are: trusting and loving God, loving your neighbor like yourself, and truly loving yourself. For his clients to accomplish this, they need discipline and the counseling Adam provides through The Hero 7 and The Hero Project.

Find out more about Adam and his ventures here.


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