Always Creative, Jenniffer Firpo Finds Her Niche As Founder And CEO Of JVsion

Working on both sides of the line gives someone a special perspective. This is something Jenniffer Firpo knows first hand after 10 years of experience of working as a buyer and a seller of advertising and marketing services. She always dreamt to present in front of a crowd in order to encourage people to view themselves and their brands at another level. Because of her desire to differentiate herself by listening to her clients and delivering exactly what they needed, Jenniffer has landed buyers of recognized brands such as the Rockefeller Group, Hogan Lovells, Foot Locker, Wavemaker from the Group M, Marina Maher Communications, Corcoran Group, TouchTunes and many others. Now, Jenniffer runs JVsion Advertising, an advertising and marketing agency.

“My agency focuses on helping companies on creating their own brand with traditional marketing, digital marketing, and advertising. With our services, our clients can leverage their buying power, obtain continuous communication, and create a brand identity to stand out as a business. We offer marketing campaigns, social media management, branding, graphic design, videography, photography, animations, and much more. We are a one stop agency, where your goals is our vision,” Jenniffer says.

Jenniffer has always been highly creative, even from her early youth. She found using her imagination to create narratives and telling stories came incredibly easily, and her love to draw supported her creative mind. Once in college, Jenniffer realized that she was able to find an application for her desire to create. Applying for Advertising and Design as her major and learning more in depth, she realized that she had a real passion for helping others stand out from the rest and make a difference in the advertising world. 

With her own experience making it through starting her own business, Jenniffer knows she has a lot of knowledge to pass along to others looking to strike out on their own. 

“Nothing comes easy. In life we must make sacrifices to accomplish every single goal. There is a phrase that says “Staying positive does not mean that things will turn out okay. Rather it is knowing that you will be okay no matter how things turn out”,” Jenniffer says. 

Jenniffer reminds those looking for advice that until she decided she wanted to open her own business, she was still working her 9-5 job and side projects as a freelancer to help businesses grow their social media brand. 

“As you may see, I was technically working 3 jobs at the same time and honestly speaking it wasn’t easy. However, I decided to sacrifice myself for some time and work as hard as I could continue to move forward. At times I wanted to quit since I felt I couldn’t continue and I was tired all the time, until I realized it was time to quit my 9-5 job and be fully committed to my business which has brought me where I am now. That said, my advice to you is simple. I would say get up and do it. Persistency and consistency are the keys to make your dreams come true,” Jenniffer outlines. 

In the coming year, Jenniffer has a lot to look forward to. She has written an e-Brook, “Sales Vsion”, where she outlines full details of how to become a successful salesperson without any sales experience. Jenniffer outlines not only how to sell your services and products, but you will also learn how to sell yourself. Available in English and Spanish, Jenniffer will also be launching an adjacent webinar to help audiences find their inner sales person, silencing their inner silence. 

“I believe that any person can learn this skill and that is the reason why I decided to share my secrets on how I generated over One million dollars in sales in a year without any sales experience,” Jenniffer says. 

In addition, Jenniffer is working on launching her online store, a platform where she will sell promo-items that allow everyone to have access to and customized their companies or businesses with promotional items that are trending, and which work best when putting in practice this strategy to help promote their services. Jenniffer has also added consultations to help her clients better understand their unique business, helping them implement a marketing strategy plan that works for each of their special situations. 

Jennifer’s eBook is available for purchase now. She can also be found at her website and on Instagram


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