An Entrepreneur From 9 Years Old, Dave Anderson Has Much to Give to His Students and Those Willing to Listen to His Years of Coaching Experience.

Dave Anderson wanted to be a different kind of coach. Many people now subscribe to different coaches and leaders who are supplying advice of one kind or another. However, with these offers also came a lot of catches and hang ups. Dave didn’t want that for his clients, so he began something different.

“When I looked around, I saw everyone giving people pom-poms and rainbows and springtime and vision boards. Many so-called “coaches” weren’t telling people the truth, and as a result, people walked around with an over-inflated sense of ego and often burned out very quickly. We live in a world full of participation trophies and very few results. While I’m a very loving guy, I got sick of watching a hug-fest that only left people good on the outside for a little while, but poor in their bank accounts and quality of life,” Dave explains.

This entrepreneurial expertise was around in Dave’s life since his very early years. By age nine, Dave can identify his first big break and how he capitalized on that. From then on, it was full speed ahead for him and through it all, he has gained experience and talent that has helped him become the coach that he is today.

“I started my career at the age of nine, making me one of the youngest people ever to have a radio contract. I retired from the radio industry after working with Les Brown, Rickey Smiley, George Wallace, and a bunch of folks. I realized that there was only so much that I could do. It was time for me to get to that next level. That is when I decided to retire because through the course of my career, I found that people kept coming to me for advice. Salespeople would come and have me go close their sales calls for them. I’m like, I’m not getting a percentage of your commission. There is something wrong with this. I realized that I was making companies a whole lot of money, like millions upon millions of dollars, but I wasn’t getting 10% of this. I knew there was a better way. I decided to strike out on my own,” Dave recounts.

As someone who has been coaching for a long time, what makes Dave different from the rest is his ability to pull people away from their every day cycles. He is teaching them that the status quo does not have to be their future. Instead, they can stop working for someone or something they don’t enjoy and work towards making their own future.

“I would say my superpower is getting people out of their own way and into success using a combination of tough love and actionable information. That is what I do. I believe that the best way to make this country great is to focus on entrepreneurship, get back to growth, getting back to creating our own economies and building things that allow us to thrive, to spend time with our kids, to be with our families again as opposed to saying, “Oh, I hate my boss. My boss is a little 20-year-old snot who doesn’t know anything about anything. I know I could run this company, but I won’t ever have the opportunity.” I am pulling people out of their cubicle matrix into the reality of their greatness. That is what I do,” Dave states.

Dave has had to struggle through depression and homelessness and all of this has made him stronger and given him more ways to teach people how to avoid the obstacles that he fell victim to. Though he is taking a step back from coaching this year, he is looking forward to inspiring more people through his speaking engagements.

To find out more about Dave, you can follow him on Instagram here and check out his website here.


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