Calvin Francis’ Fintech Company is Built and Operates Differently. Find Out More Below.

Calvin Francis had a strong work ethic built into him from an incredibly young age. This came from his dad who instilled in him how important a strong mindset and working mentality is when it comes to creating success. This is how Calvin began his start in the entrepreneurial world.

“I was driven by my Dad’s work ethic. Growing up in a home where we were taught at an early age about entrepreneurship is what drove me more into finding out what I wanted. I worked for a few IT companies in corporate america, my first real gig in corporate america was at PC Connection, as an account manager selling IT to businesses across the country. I did well, but I got bored real fast,” Calvin recounts.

However, IT was not the path that Calvin was meant to take. Calvin wanted to connect with people and form relationships beyond just the ones with his co-workers. After a number of opportunities came his way and he realized that he needed to change how he was getting an income, Calvin decided it was time to start something new.

“I co-founded and run a fintech firm, digital payments. Next Generation Payments was formed with the vision of being the Next Generation Partner for business owners , providing the most technologically advanced and future-proof payment- related solutions to merchants within the United States and Globally. We are a wholesale brokerage firm built on Integrity, Trust , and Clarity and exceptional customer service,” Calvin explains.

However, not only is this fintech firm something that Calvin is proud of, but he is also proud of the way that they differentiate themselves from other fintech firms. They form and create unique relationships with each and every customer, which helps them and their customers succeed.

“Next Generation Payments is a leading provider of business solutions, offering a truly competitive edge to any organization online or offline . A fintech company with a suite of products to help take businesses to the next level, our 360° Review of a business’s current portfolio can eliminate practices which might hinder performance. As a premier payment solutions brokerage firm, we take great pride in our commitment to ensuring our customer care is always our number one priority.

We don’t just service accounts, we build relationships. We are customer centric. These customer relationships allow us to gather customer data and use it to maintain, improve, and innovate our products and processes,” Calvin states.

Calvin’s success through his new business is apparent to anyone who is looking. He is excited to continue to make differences in his life and in the lives of the people that he helps day in and day out. Calvin’s advice for those who also wish to start something big like him is to focus on self education.

“Self education is important for success because it helps you to think big like other successful people. It makes you think beyond limitations and this is the biggest reason why people succeed in life. Most people are not comfortable thinking big because they believe it is impossible to achieve, so you will be tested and fail forward but getting up and believing in oneself is of paramount importance,” Calvin advises.

To find out more about Calvin, you can follow him on Instagram here and check out his website here.


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