Cartel del Golfo, suspected of kidnapping Americans in Mexico, delivers alleged apology letter

The Cartel del Golfo, believed to be responsible for kidnapping four American tourists last week in Matamoros, Mexico, issued an apology letter and turned five of its members over to local authorities, according to images circulating online and a version of the Obtained letter obtained by CNN from an official close to the investigation of the case.

The source told CNN that investigators believe the letter is authentic.

“The Cartel del Golfo apologizes to the Matamoros society, to the relatives of Mrs. Areli, and to the affected American individuals and families,” reads the handwritten letter, which mentions the innocent Mexican woman who died after the shooting that occurred during the kidnapping that also claimed the lives of two Americans.

In one of the photos posted online you can see five men tied up and lying face down on the pavement with their shirts over their faces. Uniformed authorities are seen standing over them.


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