Digital Nomads: The Future of Office Work and Entrepreneurship

There’s a lot of talk nowadays on the importance of choosing when and where to work.

If that sounds familiar – it’s because the term Digital Nomads, location independent entrepreneurs, who can work on multiple projects from anywhere in the world, is starting to gain momentum across the country and the world. 

Olumide Gbenro, a serial entrepreneur and businessman, is also a Digital Nomad, and one of the main actors responsible for ensuring this important community continues to grow.

 In fact, Mr. Gbenro is the founder of The Digital Nomad Summit, which is “growing the largest community of location independent entrepreneurs in the world.” They are organizing a Digital Nomad Summit to take place in Bali, Indonesia in June 2020, where hundreds of location independent entrepreneurs can meet and connect.

Olumide Gbenro, also known as The @Globopreneur, has had a connection with nomadism throughout his life. That is, he has constantly moved around and lived in multiple different places. “I’m a multilingual entrepreneur who was raised on 3 continents by age 13,” he says.

Therefore, when he was thinking of business, he always thought globally:

“In my adult life I have had the chance to do marketing for globally recognized companies from Germany, Mexico, Nigeria and South Africa. Before starting Digital Nomad Summit, I worked also did marketing and community building for multimillion dollar valued companies across the globe,” Gbenro points out.

In an ever changing world, where industries are learning to adapt to new technology, office space has also changed. Now more than ever, telework is a possibility in many offices throughout the world, as many workers only need good Internet connection and a computer to do their work. Digital Nomads are a result of this.

“Who wouldn’t love working from their laptop on different beaches around the world from Bali, Indonesia or coworking spaces in Chiang Mai, Thailand,?” he shared. 

Through location independent entrepreneurship, Gbenro also founded Globo Water, “a social cause company that builds water wells in remote areas across various African countries.” And, as a Digital Nomad himself, Gbenro started noticing many needs and obstacles that could be overcome to improve location independent work.

“I have been traveling since 2012 while in college and non-stop as a location independent entrepreneur the last 3 years. When I started traveling more I noticed there were different needs for this transient population now called ‘Digital Nomads’ from mental health to practical products and services for people who are used to living in a new country every few months,” Gbenro adds.

Accordingly, Gbenro created The Digital Nomad Summit (@Digital.Nomad.Summit) in order to be the first actor in this movement of location independent entrepreneurs. Although there are still people who are dedicated to conventional corporate life, which may be discouraging to those wishing to work while traveling nomadically, it is clear that office life is changing. In fact, with his business, Gbenro is filling up a necessary gap, given that by 2035, it is estimated that the number of Digital Nomads will reach 1 billion. 

But who is The Globopreneur, Olumide Gbenro? He is a person who believes in the power of preparation and in the influence of surroundings in order to achieve success. 

“I think finding the right mentors and examples of success in your niche is extremely important. Why suffer stumbling around for a few years when you can go to people who have already been successful and learn from them. My life changed when I did this,” he shares.

The Globopreneur did not fear becoming a Digital Nomad, what he feared was not having enough preparation to do so. He did not lack the mindset, but he feared not being able to perform when he had to. That is why he has been working on improving his skills, obtaining the necessary resources and preparing all the time, in order “to be ready when the time comes.” And it is those skills, resources and preparation that he wants to provide to Digital Nomads all over the world.

Success to Olumide Gbenro is to provide support to people. This is why he plans to improve the quality of life of Digital Nomads, by making local independent entrepreneurship more available through The Digital Nomad Summit. But it also is why he founded Globo Water. 

Olumide Gbenro’s next projects with Globo Water include:

“A fruit infused energy water that gives back by contributing a portion of our proceeds to building water wells across various nations across Africa. We aim to reduce the burden of little girls and women face with having to walk miles to fetch water every day and removes them from school or advanced education,” he states.

Join The Globopreneur and become a successful Digital Nomad with your own business, whether philanthropic or for profit, by engaging with The Digital Nomad Summit!


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