How Eno Eka is Breaking Glass Ceilings and Helping Non- Tech Professionals Land 6-Figure Jobs in Less than 6 Months

Eno Eka  is the epitome of the North American dream. As a first generation African immigrant to Canada she moved to build a better life for herself, and has only found success since coming with that dream. 

“I moved to Canada without any family, only hope. It was one of the toughest decisions yet one of the best I have made in my life, but moving to Canada gave me so many opportunities that I could’ve never imagined,” Eno says. 

After settling into her new home, Eno quickly found success in her career as an accountant. Within six months, she was making 6 figures, and within eight months, she had already started her consulting business. In three years, Eno had already purchased her dream home, her dream car, and was running a 6 figure consulting business full-time. 

“I am the Founder of Business Analysis School where I help non-tech professionals learn the business analysis skills needed to break into tech and grow their incomes to six figures in six months or less. I now serve clients in over 15 countries and have been recognized with over 10 awards for the work that I do,” Eno says. 

These awards include Forbes 30 under 30, Alberta 30 under 30, Top 100 Black Women To Watch, Top 8 Women To Watch in Business Analysis and many others.

“I am proud to be a girl from Nigeria, who is breaking every glass ceiling and reaching for her goals as an immigrant entrepreneur and coach in North America,” Eno outlines. 

Eno’s consulting business, Eny Consulting Inc., provides tech consulting services through business analysis and project management to small and medium businesses. Eno also works to provide education and coaching through her EdTech Online Learning Academy for professionals, Business Analysis School where she helps non-tech professionals break into tech in six months or less, and teaches them how to secure six-figure salaries. 

As a Nigerian immigrant, Eno was motivated to create a space for herself in the industry because of a lack of representation in the space. 

“There was no one with a mission to help immigrants, especially black people, in getting into the tech industry without having a technical degree. I found that immigrants were always advised to get menial low paying jobs to start their lives after arrival and I wanted more for them, especially because I knew it was very possible with the right exposure & coaching,” Eno outlines. 

Although she has the motivation and the know-how for her industry, Eno faced many challenges as a new immigrant to Canada. Namely, she did not have any long-standing credit history, and found it difficult to get credit in order to start her business. So, always innovating and able to find a way, Eno used her own personal funds to run her business until she was able to incorporate. Similarly, Eno also found a challenge in marketing – especially because they lacked the funding in order to invest in paid advertising. Yet again, Eno didn’t let this stop her. 

“I have been able to reach thousands of clients around the world with no marketing budget through creating organic and authentic content on social media. I shared my story online, and the posts went viral and I got so many inquiries that we sometimes couldn’t manage the overflow. I am so glad that I have been able to achieve this success amidst the initial challenges,” Eno says.

In the upcoming short term, Eno is looking forward to the soft online launch of her rebranded Business Analysis School, a rebranding and relaunch of her personal website, as well as her consulting website. She is also adding new courses to her programs database at the Business Analysis School. 

In the long term, Eno will be launching her career mastermind sessions for mid to senior level professionals, a free business consulting package for small businesses affected by the pandemic, and will be extending their services into 5 more countries this year.

In addition to her many websites, be sure to follow Eno’s personal Instagram account. 


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