Mónica Zulhen: A Beacon of Faith and Positive Energy in Spiritual Consultancy

Mónica Zulhen is a spiritual guide and speaker who has created a unique and deeply spiritual business. She works in the field of Spiritual, Energetic, and Manifestation Consultancy. 

In this role, she offers spiritual consultancy services, helping people and entrepreneurs,  understand and improve their lives and businesses  by connecting with their energy and vibration. Mónica also offers conferences and workshops related to faith and human potential to achieve extraordinary things. Additionally, Mónica is a pastor and preaches at a Christian church, where she shares the word of Jesus Christ.

Mónica discovered at a young age that she had a sixth sense or supernatural gift that allowed her to connect with people and see past and future situations, as well as illnesses and goals. This ability motivated her to study various theories to understand and enhance her talents.

Then, 35 years ago Mónica decided to start her business, inspired by people who also had supernatural and extrasensory experiences. Understanding the depth of the spiritual and energetic dimension, Mónica began offering her help to people of various beliefs, religions, nationalities, and economic situations.

I have had the opportunity to help people of different beliefs, and connecting with my talent has benefited them all,” Mónica notes.

It has also been essential to have a team of talented and gifted individuals who understand the energetic dimension.

With a 20-minute conversation, I can make a significant impact on people’s lives and their businesses,” says Mónica.

For 35 years, she has helped thousands of people and entrepreneurs of different beliefs and nationalities solve their problems and achieve their goals. One of the biggest challenges Mónica faced when starting her business was people’s mindset. 

Often, the topics she addresses are considered fantasy or fiction, leading to criticism and doubts about her reputation. “People’s mindset is the first and most important thing. For me, faith, trust, and a focus on the positive are fundamental factors in achieving any goal,” Mónica emphasizes.

For Mónica, mindset is crucial in business. She firmly believes that faith, trust, and a positive focus are essential to achieving any goal. She also advises those starting their own business not to cling to limiting ideas imposed by their environment from childhood and to mentally prepare for the emotional challenges they may face.

For Mónica, fear is much more than a fleeting emotion; she sees it as a deep lack of faith, self-confidence, and love. It is a sign that the person has not discovered their inner strengths, has not perfected their ability to love fully, or has not learned to trust their abilities and the universe.

Fear means you lack knowledge of your strengths, you have not been perfected in love,” Mónica expresses.

Regarding success, Mónica defines it as being grateful and positive. For her, a successful person is constantly seeking to improve their economic, mental, physical, professional, family, and spiritual environment.

In the future, Mónica plans to spread her message to more countries through conferences and group workshops, highlighting that there is a better life and a universe beyond what we have been conditioned to see.

What sets Mónica apart from her competition is her spiritual and energetic sensitivity. She can connect with people’s energy and problems even through a video call. Moreover, her intuition and 35 years of experience have shown consistent results.

It is very easy for me to see and help resolve doubts and problems that trouble people,” Mónica  says.

In addition to her consultancy work, Mónica is the founder of the Christian Church Catedral de Dios in Medellín, Colombia. This space of faith, knowledge, and prayer has allowed many people to improve their lives through Mónica and her team’s talents.

We opened this space to allow people to participate and rely on our talents to achieve a positive impact in their lives,” Mónica expresses.

Connect with the energy and spiritual wisdom of Mónica Zulhen to transform your life. Discover the power of faith and manifestation in your life today!


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