Rodney Franklin is an Entrepreneur Whose Mission is To Help People Become Millionaires: Find Out More

Rodney Franklin is an entrepreneur, businessman, and real estate investor who after having come a long way, set out to make a change in his life to benefit not only himself but also his loved ones.

I got tired of life on the streets and knew that life would leave me dead or in jail, so I decided to turn my life around and build my empire. This way I would be close to my family while building a real legacy.” Rodney shares.

Rodney runs an international affiliate marketing business while also being a real estate investor. He was motivated to work in these industries because he wanted to achieve financial freedom for himself and his family. 

“It’s very important to me that my family has a financial base. I would hate to go through life wondering “what if…” and regret not committing to my personal goals. I understand that true control is in ownership, freedom, and doing what I want when I want without having to look over my shoulder or have thoughts of risking my life. All of these reasons have motivated me to go into business.” Rodney states.

Rodney’s beginnings were not rosy as he did not have any help and no start-up capital. He just had a lot of self-discipline and motivation, which were his tools at the time he started his path to success.

One of my biggest achievements was buying land in Detroit for $10,000 and selling it recently for $500,000. I never thought such returns were possible until I looked for the right information. Another great accomplishment was my first year in business with my affiliate marketing business in which I generated over $600k in profits.” Rodney notes.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought many challenges as people and businesses had to change many of their habits and ways of doing work, migrating to the digital world to continue their business.

Those who were not able to adapt were at great risk of closing their doors. But some entrepreneurs have been able to successfully maneuver and obtain satisfactory results, including in some cases being able to sell more of their products or services than before.

Because of the pandemic, Rodney had to change the way he did business. Since affiliate marketing and the real estate industry require a lot of personal interaction and being in contact or connection with people, it was tough at first to transition to the digital world. 

We have had to make the transition to virtual systems and processes to continue with the business without the need for physical meetings. I have been able to grow my team and hire top talent with high-level expertise in technology and digital marketing. Conference calls, negotiations, and contract signings have been virtual during this time. However, I enjoy this new life more than I did before.” Rodney explains.

Moving forward into the second half of 2021, Rodney will continue to work towards achieving his main goal: impacting others’ lives and helping people. Besides his real estate work and affiliate marketing services, Rodney also does this by being a part of an organization called 1000 Families.

“At 1000 Families our team is on the mission to help create 1000 millionaires and allow them to become financially free. So far we have developed 33 millionaires and we are on track to double our numbers very shortly. Once we have helped them financially, we educate on how to correctly invest in real estate for long-term wealth accumulation with passive income. My goal this year is to attain an 8-figure real estate portfolio in both residential and commercial real estate.” Rodney adds.

Find out more about Rodney and his businesses here.


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