Victor Garibay Is Branching With Goldscope Entertainment And Goldscopefeed To Create An Amazing Entertainment Business

Moving from one business to another usually involves a logical jump from a similar business to another. However, very few people would think that going from a job in finance would lead to a job in the entertainment industry. This is exactly what Victor Garibay did and he was able to be successful in his decision.

“Coming from the word of financing and finding success in the entertainment industry is exciting. I have had the opportunity to work alongside great business partners. Now, it’s my time to step out on my own and put my own creativity to use. I currently run finance, construction and other ventures, but my focus right now is my entertainment production company Goldscope Entertainment and my news and media company GoldscopeFeed,” Victor explains.

Though Victor still works in the world of finance, he decided to go after his passion of entertainment after years and years of being a fan of the industry. He decided to take his dream and make it a reality. This led to his success on numerous counts and he has had a lot of fun along the way.

“My passion for entertainment, news and education motivated me to start my business. Through GoldscopeFeed I get to share important news, while at the same time mixing entertaining news. It’s something I have been fortunate enough to have done personally when I have been featured in articles and other entertaining content. Goldscope Entertainment will allow me to produce my own tv/film/web series and more. Having been a fan since I can remember and having opportunities to work on creative producing as well as being featured in articles made me want to get started in this business. I wanted to take what I already do, but make it my own,” Victor remarks.

Despite already having worked in the business world, Victor still had to overcome new obstacles as he tackled this new field of work. He was able to confront those issues head on in order to run a successful business.

“Learning the hard way was the most difficult aspect of starting my business. Which came in the sense of not trusting my gut feeling. Sometimes not doing the deal is the best deal you can do. The biggest challenges with starting these two companies I foresee being patience. Having the patience to build a reputable name for both. GoldscopeFeed will have to prove itself as a legitimate news and media source. Goldscope Entertainment will produce my best creative attempts,” Victor states.

Victor is continuing to work hard in all of his different businesses. He does not focus on the competition, but rather focuses inward in order to innovate and improve himself to create the best entertainment business. This tactic is how Victor was able to plan and execute new projects despite the difficult year. 

“I don’t focus on the competition. I don’t compete with others. I innovative myself and if that translates into my work and projects, I am always positive that others will follow along. This year I am focusing on Goldscope Entertainment and GoldScopeFeed. As well as a feature film I just wrapped up and a few more fun things coming up. The Goldscope brand will have longevity and there’s so much more to showcase,” Victor comments.

To find out more about Victor, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here


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