After a February that broke heat records, the winter cold is back and it will be intense

During the last few weeks, high temperatures have broken records. It is possible that many have already said goodbye to winter and have given way to spring. But don’t get too used to warmer conditions. There could be a big change in temperatures coming next week, and it won’t be subtle.

The Weather Prediction Center is forecasting below-average temperatures across much of the country starting this weekend and through much of next week, and possibly beyond.

The cold snap could bring snow as far south as the Appalachians next week and into the mid-Atlantic. It could even snow in Washington, where some cherry trees are already in bloom. Areas that have seen little or no snowfall this winter could make up some of the shortfall during the last breath of winter.

Some snow may fall. “I’m cautiously optimistic for snow lovers, as it could snow in the mid-Atlantic and other areas that have had no snow at all,” said Jon Gottschalk, head of NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center.


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