Airzai: The Importance Of Self-Care During A Global Pandemic

While the world has been adjusting to the dramatic changes brought on by COVID-19, one Canadian company, Airzai, has been finding a way to tackle the ever-growing problem to bring a product to the world that will help keep so many safe. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading worldwide in early 2020, it was soon wondered if we would see waves of the virus throughout different times of the year like we’ve seen annually with other illnesses such as influenza and pneumonia. As the summer months came to an end, cases for COVID-19 seemed to drop in some nations, but experts sternly warned that it wouldn’t last and that we would once again see a rise in cases come the winter months. And now we have signals of an upcoming third wave of this virus upon us.  

When it comes to viruses, human behaviour is the main factor in the spread and rise in cases. In countries with colder winter climates, during this season, people start to flock indoors and there becomes an increasing amount of indoor gatherings, especially around the holidays. Viruses tend to increase during these times because transmission becomes easy being in such close proximity to one another. 

While experts have recommended physical distancing, mask-wearing, and handwashing as effective ways to combat COVID-19, more people need to get on board with disinfecting themselves and their surroundings. If the SARS outbreak that started in 2003 has taught us anything, it was how beneficial and effective disinfectants are in preventing transmission of viruses. 

When disinfectants are becoming more and more popular and necessary, it is vital that we have products at hand that will be effective at killing these viruses and gentle on our bodies and the environment. If we are going to get into the habit of using disinfectants daily, why not use a premium product that not only gets the job done but comes with many other benefits too. 

“According to researchers and health professionals, COVID-19 can remain infectious on surfaces anywhere from 2 hours to five days, depending on the type of surface. It is imperative that we take action to decrease the scale of transmission and do our part to keep each other safe,” said Muneeb Mushtaq, co-founder and CEO, Airzai. 

After the novel coronavirus was recognized as a global threat, the team at Airzai had to put a pause on the production of their flagship product, Airzai Aroma, while their factories in China were closed. The brothers had just finished securing over $4 million in seed funding, one of the largest rounds in Canada, and had wrapped up their R&D. Co-owner and CEO Muneeb was also just about to close on an additional round of funding worth $2 million, but that is when the pandemic hit and forced the company to temporarily shut down its overseas operations. 

The team at Airzai had many resources on hand and knew they had to quickly get to work to find a way to utilize them for good. Since the company has been in the air and fragrance space for over three years and has an expert R&D team, they knew they couldn’t sit back but rather utilize their expertise and experience in the space to create a product that could help its customers and communities around the world to protect themselves from this virus. That is when brothers Nabeel and Muneeb Mushtaq, the co-founders of Airzai, introduced a new line of disinfectant products that they could provide to the world to protect people from the deadly virus. With the help of their expert team working around the clock, they were quickly able to create Airzai Care, a line of premium SGS certified alcohol-free disinfectant products that are 99.9 percent effective. 

Since the launch of Airzai Care, the company has seen great success, especially with its air and surface disinfectant spray. 

“I absolutely love the refreshing lemongrass scent of Airzai’s disinfectant spray, and I adore the fact that it is made from all-natural ingredients,” said Liv Rose, Airzai customer. 

Airzai’s disinfectant spray uses a patented blend of premium ingredients to ensure it is safe for use on all surfaces and which gives it a luxurious fragrance, leaving customers feeling refreshed with every use. The company is continuously evolving, creating a line of products that is chock full of luxurious scents. Most recently, the company released its rosemary scent, giving customers a taste of what it’s like to combine everyday products with luxury. Plus, rosemary is said to have many benefits, including easing stress, improving brain function, and it is even said to help you perk up, so it is a product that will be sure to please. 

Muneeb continues: “With a second wave of the novel Coronavirus making its way around the globe, we all need to ensure we have enough personal protective equipment (PPE), which includes disinfectants, to keep ourselves safe and germ-free. By keeping our surroundings clean and disinfected, and by ensuring we always have disinfectant products with us wherever we go, we can all play a role in helping to fight this deadly virus and keep eachother safe.” 

Since the launch of the Airzai Care disinfectant product line earlier this year, Airzai has remained committed to helping local communities around the globe who are facing the threat of this deadly virus. During the pandemic, the company has committed itself to giving back, and has spent its time donating self-care packages to frontline workers and the most vulnerable across North America and Pakistan, where the co-founders share their roots. 

For more information about Airzai Care and its efforts to combat the global pandemic, visit You can also follow the company‚Äôs journey on Instagram @airzaihq 


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