Alberto Robles and Jorge Godínez: Creativity, Innovation and Passion for Tequila

Alberto Robles and Jorge Godínez are two entrepreneurs seeking to stand out in the tequila industry and the founders of AY! AY! AY! Tequila, a brand making its way in the United States for its exceptional quality.

The journey began in 2022 when Jorge’s disappointing two-year venture in the agave sector precipitated him to seek new opportunities. He sought the guidance of his long-time friend and industry veteran, Alberto Robles, who had established an illustrious legacy in the alcohol sector in Texas.

Together, they forged an alliance that would unintentionally redefine the field of Tequila.

“Although it was an unexpected turn at first, I soon realized that it was a blessing in disguise,” Jorge mentions.

Alberto and Jorge’s vision changed during the creation process. Knowing that the market was highly competitive, their passion and creativity led them to bring together a team of people who helped them design a bottle that would stand out from the rest, produce a tequila of the highest quality, and tell a unique story..

Jorge’s plan to improve Alberto’s existing company soon transformed into a journey of creativity and innovation. Following a shared enthusiasm for excellence, Jorge and Alberto created a great product emphasizing the importance of honoring Mexico’s rich heritage, folklore, and “Fiesta.”

Alberto describes their company as, “We are a talented team that possesses a unique combination of knowledge, creativity, commitment, and passion for Mexico.”

Jorge believes the experience is as important as the product and emphasizes, “AY! AY” AY!” invites people to live moments to the fullest. Every sip contains the expertise of Mexico’s tequila artisans, distilled with excellence into every drop.

For both, success transcends material achievements and involves living in perpetual gratitude and personal fulfillment to find a balance between work and enjoyment.

“It is the ability to appreciate and enjoy every present moment, regardless of external circumstances. It is cultivating gratitude for our blessings and experiences that have shaped us,” Jorge shares.

Alberto and Jorge remain committed to nurturing modernization while remaining true to the brand’s roots. Their primary focus is expanding the market presence, with Texas and Florida set as the initial stages. 

They aim to position the “AY! AY! AY!” brand in strategic retail locations and, through direct sales on their website, offering consumers across the United States the chance to enjoy their Tequila with just a few clicks.

There’s also a drive to develop new product lines with their tequila partner, including añejo and añejo cristalino varieties. Collaborations with their bottle production partner promise exciting new designs and broaden the product range, bringing the quality and authenticity of their Tequila to new states and, eventually, other countries.

As Alberto and Jorge look to the future, they see more than just a brand—they consider a legacy of innovation and passion, where every sip tells a story, and every bottle holds a piece of Mexico’s heart.

To learn more about Alberto Robles and Jorge Godínez, click here.


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