An Entrepreneurial Mind And A Love For Art, Husband And Wife Teamed Up To Disrupt The World Of Art As We Know It

“I was born into it.”

“I was born into it,” states Philippe when asked about why he chose to focus on art as his business venture. Known for its creative way to market and sell its artists through numerous channels, Carousel Art Group did not stop on its proven concept of distributing artworks through Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate.

“More and more collectors are moving to our region, and they have walls to furnish. We are here to help with that.”

Founder and CEO Philippe Horowicz and his team expanded their company and opened a contemporary gallery in one of the most exclusive districts in the world: the Miami Design District. “More and more collectors are moving to our region, and they have new walls to furnish. Our advisors are here to help with that.” 

“One brush stroke can withstand the test of time.”

“Both my wife and I have always been interested in being a part of this amazing industry. Laura has had an eye on it for as far as she can remember. She was highly influenced by Monet, Degas, and Picasso while growing up in rural Kentucky and fell in love with the way that one brush stroke could withstand the test of time.” Laura Horowicz joined Carousel Fine Art this year, and has brought her years of experience managing and curating galleries between San Francisco and Miami to Carousel’s repertoire. After assisting clients as far as Kazakhstan and Buenos Aires, she feels there is no limit to her advisory capabilities. 

“Art has no rules and can bring people together just like music.” 

Raised by entrepreneurial parents, Philippe’s love for business and art continued to grow as he noticed the powerful effects it can bring to society. “Art has no rules and can bring people together just like music – it’s captivating.” After opening his first-ever company, Dechamby Design, known for offering museum-quality fine art prints, Philippe was driven to find new ways to help artists sell original works through creative channels. 

“An emotion shared by the artist and felt by the viewer.”

As a marketing graduate from Saint-Leo University, he recalls a key element that would always be discussed in class: “make it emotional!” “Art is an emotion shared by the artist and felt by the viewer,” states Philippe. “It is extremely powerful, and can change the energy of an entire building.” Philippe was inspired to incorporate fine art into the world of real estate, and manifest its power to resonate with potential home-buyers. “If well curated, art can be a strong tool to sell real estate!”

“We created a cosmopolitan art experience for the viewers and collectors”

Carousel Fine Art, located at 53 NE 40th Street in the Miami Design District focuses on the marketing and sales of emerging as well as internationally known artists. “My wife and I curated a very strategic list of artists which we believe are perfect for collectors moving or traveling to Miami.” Philippe and Laura created a cosmopolitan art experience for viewers by curating works from different parts of the world and on different media which are now available in their permanent gallery space.

“We are the new guys on the block and needed to make some noise!”

Carousel Fine Art had their Grand Opening on March 13th, 2021. “It was a successful night! We are the new guys on the block and needed to make some noise!” stated Philippe with a smile. “We invited collectors and friends from all over the country to view the exhibition, as well as enjoy a surprise Fashion Show in collaboration with Maison Dechamby.” Since opening in February, Carousel had been using a second space for a solo exhibition of artist and designer Caroline Dechamby, known for being one of the very few artists to have her own luxury wearable art brand. Throughout her career spanning over three decades, Caroline has used art and history as a source of appropriation to develop her niche and place of resonance for her audience within the largely male-dominated canon of painting. Click to view Caroline’s virtual EXHIBITION

“Not a hard question. Miami is one of, if not THE, hottest market in the world.”

When asked about their choice in opening their gallery in Miami, Philippe had no trouble answering – “not a hard question! Miami is one of, if not THE, hottest market in the world at the moment.” Philippe and Laura are excited about what the future holds. 

“We are always expanding our Fine Art Staging and Rental division.”

Besides having the physical gallery in Miami and the sister gallery in San Francisco, Philippe and his team are always expanding their fine art staging and rental division. “We are in the process of closing another contract in NY as well as entering the West Coast market.” Their B2B Team recently finished an amazing project in the Hamptons in collaboration with Vesta Home and listed agent Susan Breitenbach by staging a 25 million dollar property. View post by clicking here.

“Exciting new exhibitions!”

The Carousel Team has three exciting exhibitions in the works which will take place in San Francisco, Miami and the Hamptons between May and July. “One of the exhibitions has been conceptualized for over a year!” stated Philippe. This exhibition will focus on the snowball effect from ground-breaking artists like Picasso, Miro, Basquiat and Warhol and how their ideas are translated by today’s artists. Learn more by following them on Instagram @carouselfineart


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