An Idea To Create a Different Kind Of Show Led Ari Global To Become A Huge Name In The Entertainment Industry. Learn More About Her Story Below

Ari Global saw a problem in the media market for Latina women. There was a lot of content out there, but it focused primarily on gossip and other topics that were less educational and less motivational. Ari wanted to change that forever and she knew that she could be a trailblazer for other women. That is why she launched herself into the world of entertainment.

“In the Spanish market place, there are barely any women or perhaps none who focus on the motivational and inspiring aspect of an interview. I wanted  to make that change in the spanish / latino community; I wanted to be able to educate people with content that really has value to motivate other women. Therefore, I decided to Start my own show because I felt that most of the spanish shows in the entertainment industry  focused on gossip. I wanted to make something different. I want to create a show of value , a show where people can get motivated and feel identified with our interviews.  I wanted to have deeper conversations about the story of our guest stars,” Ari states.

When plunging into such a big task like changing the entire mentality of women in an industry, you are bound to run into obstacles. However, Ari never let these challenges define her. Instead, she jumped in fearlessly and whenever an obstacle presented itself, she worked on finding a solution.

“Along the way there are many obstacles. When you start your own project, business, or have an idea, a lot of people will call you crazy, won’t believe in you or you start thinking about all the limitations about  money, etc. However, you need to look beyond your normal limits and trust the unknown. If people aren’t calling you crazy, it is because your dreams are not big enough. The bigger your dreams are, the more people are going to want to stop you. The only way to avoid people criticizing you is to do nothing important. Never limit your vision in your current resources, but instead focus on opportunities and not in obstacles. You are worth it and obstacles are part of the path, but every problem has a solution.  Also, you can only learn by doing and that means screwing many times until you learn and you do it really well,” Ari states.

Now, Ari is a well known figure in the entertainment industry who has interviewed numerous big name stars. Her interviews have grossed millions of views over the years and people follow her motivational and inspirational content as much, if not more, than any other show out there.

She has interviewed Hollywood movie actors and top celebrities such as: Jennifer Lopez, Amy Schumer, Vanessa Hudgens, Ozuna, Oscar winner Benicio Del Toro, Wilmer Valderrama, Shaquille O’neal, Tyler Perry, Eva Longoria, Samuel Jackson, Gerald Butler, and others. On her show, Ari also interviewed the 2020 Super Bowl Winners .

“Ari Global Show is a motivational and entertainment bilingual (Spanish- English) TV Show, where we have guest stars: actors, singers, entrepreneurs, athletes, influencers and the most popular public figures of the moment.  I have created  my own content and have reached more audiences than big TV latin networks.  One of my interviews reached 3.5 millions views. The main purpose is to inspire others to reach their goals, follow their passion, and surpass any obstacle  in life,” Ari explains.

The main purpose for each interview is to inspire people by creating careful and insightful questions for the interviewees. “Ari Global” gives careful consideration to everything. Ari strongly believes that everyone has an inspirational story to tell, and she has a special gift to connect with her interviewees and her audience.

Through the years, Ari has lived in many international cities such as Paris, New York, Lima, Caracas, Madrid, Washington DC, Philadelphia, among others. Experiencing different cultures has allowed her to grow and see the world from a global perspective.

In addition to her show, Ari runs the Global Entertainment Enterprise which is a global company which helps take communications to the next level.

“We are a global company and we know how to take your communication to the next level internationally. High impact audiovisual production and branded content company .We have extensive experience in the market since we have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and leading international brands. We have extensive experience in the market since we have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and leading international brands,” Ari says.

Ari has a lot of amazing projects ahead as she continues to blaze a trail for other women in the world of entertainment and media. She hopes to continue interviewing amazing people while growing her entertainment business event further.

“My next future project is trying to keep doing interviews that people can connect to , get inspired and have a strong positive  impact in their life. I am 100% percent committed in creating content of values that can help change people’s lives. For Global Entertainment, I will keep growing and expanding our services internationally!!!! We want to be able to offer the best marketing, branding, audiovisual production services. Our goal is to become number 1 in quality and proctution,” Ari exclaims.

To keep up with Ari and all that she is doing, follow her on instagram here and check out her website here.


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