Are You Looking to Invest In Ocala? Manuel Molinos Is The Real Estate Agent That Is Committed to Helping and Serving All His Clients. Check Out His Story Below!

Sometimes there are things we can’t do ourselves because it requires skills, experience, and knowledge. Therefore, trained professionals from different fields play a crucial role in day to day lives of people by making it simpler, solving different problems encountered as well as offering advice and opinions. Such a scenario can be experienced when you are buying or selling a house. It does not matter whether it is your first time or you’ve done it several times; you need a real estate professional to help you through the process!

In fact, real estate is a uniquely impactful profession. One that allows individuals the opportunity to form bonds and create communities through buying and selling slices of land. Because of this, the need for real estate agents and brokers will never go away.

In that sense, Manuel Molinos is an experienced real estate agent located in the Florida area. He went to Saint Leo University and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing & Management.

Also known as Manny, he is originally from Venezuela but he came to the United States in 

August 20th, 2000, as he called his North American birthday! His parents gave him the opportunity to move to the USA in order to learn a new language, to have a better education and a greater future, and Manuel took advantage of it! He ended up in Ocala, Fl, and over time, he became a successful realtor with hundreds of satisfied clients.

“I love my job as a Realtor, who is committed to helping and serving my clients with the utmost care and consideration, and would love the opportunity to help you with your Buying, Selling, and Investing needs. Helping home sellers & buyers in Ocala, The Villages, Summerfield, Belleview, and Dunnellon”, Manuel shares.

He got started in the real estate industry in 2019, because he realized he couldn’t make a business out of his job. Manuel is a very determined person, who is obsessed with growing, and he found that he can do it with real estate. He manages to stand out from other similar agents because he is truly committed to deliver, without excuses. He always does what he says he is going to do, and provides reliable and quality service.

“We have processes and tools  in place to be more effective in order to help our clients to make the right decision in their next transaction”, he explains.

What’s more, Ocala, Fl, represents one of the fastest growing markets in the state of Florida.  Did you know that the population has increased by over 20% in the last 10 years? Currently, it continues to grow!

The truth is that Ocala is a great place for everybody. It is ideal for retirees, due to its proximity to Orlando and Tampa.  It is also very close to parks, schools and shopping centers, which makes it the perfect city for families. Plus, it offers a low cost of living, a high quality of life and close proximity to major metropolitan areas.

Manuel is always dedicated to provide his clients with a personalized service. His expertise, professionalism and knowledge of the real estate market, especially in the Ocala area, is unparalleled. 

“I wanted to create a better future for my family and to be able to help others. That’s why I got started in the real estate industry. But starting a new business is not always easy. There are many challenges, such as having a clear vision of your goal and how to achieve it, having a better understanding on how to run your business to make the best decision that will allow your business to move forward”, Manuel details.

On a personal note, he is planning to go to Venezuela soon! Five long years have passed since the last time he went there and spent time with his beloved family. Regarding his business, Manuel continues to strive every day to be excellent at his job and satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients. In 2023 he plans to continue doing the same,  expand his clientele demographic and increase his number of sales!

To find out more about Manuel, check out his website here and his Instagram account here!


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