At Only 25, Brian Waldron is Heading Brooklyn’s Newest Event Space Empire

It may be the best city in the world, but it’s no secret that New York City is notoriously crowded. Looking for space for private gatherings can be tricky in a big city. Seeing an opportunity from this gap in the market, Brian Waldron opened his private event space in Brooklyn. With his space, he is able to host events such as baby showers, kids parties, and more. In addition, his business includes a rental furniture company that provides rentals and delivery services across the Tri-State area. His Brooklyn based space includes a 3,000 square foot warehouse to keep and showcase inventory. 

With major successes in the event and rental industry, including 3 event spaces, a warehouse, a rental company with almost 100 large furniture items in inventory and a truck, it is hard to believe that Brian is only 25. And due to his young age, he knows this is only the beginning. 

“I have a lot of grind left in me. My most recent accomplishment was closing on my first investment property. I plan to lock in 10 more this year in a plan to finally retire my mother. When, not if, I accomplish that, that will be my biggest flex. I’m also proud to say I also graduated college. The fact that someone can grind for 4 years on their own and push themselves to complete a rigorous curriculum, that’s tough and deserves to be applauded. Completing college may not be “needed” per say, but is certainly an accomplishment in my eyes,” Brian says. 

Given his knowledge and insight of the event industry, it’s no surprise that Brian is able to share his expertise with others. In addition to his primary business, he creates courses for those looking to get into the event industry. His motivation for helping budding event-based entrepreneurs is based on knowing what he would have needed when he was starting out in the industry. 

“I’ve realized throughout my time as an entrepreneur that investing into your craft is key but unfortunately when I was starting out there weren’t many resources or those willing to share their info. I decided to become the person I needed,” Brian says. 

His motivation for his event business is also other people – or namely, one other person: his mother. Brian owes his start in the event industry to his mother, who operated her own small event space in Brooklyn before Brian. After Brian graduated from university, he began managing the day to day operations for his mom, and fell in love with the business. 

“Meeting new guests everyday, seeing people celebrate special moments in their lives, it was so rewarding. I worked at my server job for a year while managing that event space,” Brian recalls. 

Soon, he had enough seed money to branch out to a second space, and a third. 

“My biggest motivation has been making my mother proud. And to say I have the wherewithal to retire her this year is an understatement – it will happen. And she will be comfortable. No worries. No bills over our head. Only cash and comfort. How it’s supposed to be,” Brian outlines. 

Moving forward into the end of 2021, Brian is looking forward to incoming Spring inventory for his rental branch of the company, as well as opening up between four and six new locations for his event spaces. Beyond the moves he is making for the business, he has also turned attention back to himself, making sure he invests in real estate and credit. 

“That’s where most millionaires are made. I purchased three properties this past week alone and plan to purchase at least another 10 this year to bring in that passive income. Multiple streams of income is the name of the game and is what I preach to all my friends and family. Multiple streams with one company. Don’t let it go over your head,” Brian explains. 

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