“Behind the depression”: Dayana P. Barona commemorated this January 13th the World Day to Fight Depression

Every January 13th, the World Day to Fight Depression is celebrated, an emotional disorder that affects more than 300 million in the world.
Facing the fact that this has a significant impact on mortality and morbidity rates and impacts people of all ages in a significant way; Venezuelan doctor Dayana Barona premiered her book “Behind the depression”, which has been versioned in Spanish, English and Portuguese.
Recognizing and valuing the defects and virtues in people are qualities that define Dayana. Its objective is to inspire and make people achieve their goals, despite the circumstances that you are going through at the moment.
Graduated from the Universidad de los Andes, as a Medical Surgeon. He also conducted studies on psychological and psychiatric pathologies: depression, anxiety, suicide, panic attack and anger control. Currently pursuing a specialization in leadership at Harvard University, United States.
Barona is a motivational speaker, she practices prayer and meditation continuously. In addition to voluntary and selfless action in associations dedicated to the care of people and animals in vulnerable situations.
Currently, he is in charge of the production and recording of podcasts for a series entitled: “The essential is invisible to the eyes”, through which he will tell experiences of people who, after having faced difficult situations, have come out ahead, turning their weaknesses into strengths and inspiring others to do the same.
Dayana Barona invites you to get to know each other, accept yourself, love life and live it fully, follow her on her social networks as @dayapb07, website dayanapbarona.com


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