Breaking Barriers with Laughter: Angelo Colina’s Expansive Comedy Journey from Caracas to New York

In the vibrant world of comedy, a unique voice is emerging, drawing inspiration from the streets of Venezuela to the stages of New York. Meet Angelo Colina, a Venezuelan comedian making waves in the Big Apple’s comedic scene. As the creator of “Gente Funny” and co-founder of “Español Please,” he brings a fresh and hilarious take on life’s experiences.

Angelo’s journey is one marked by his distinctive perspective and desire to share laughter. Among the few comedians who deliver their punchlines in Spanish on U.S. soil, Angelo is a true trailblazer. His role as a founder of “Gente Funny” and co-creator of “Español Please” speaks volumes about his dedication to promoting comedy in the Spanish language.

Angelo’s current venture, the uproarious show titled ‘Little Alone, o sea, Solito,’ takes center stage. This comedy extravaganza, filled with humorous anecdotes and witty observations, is a testament to Angelo’s comedic prowess. Through his show, Angelo deftly navigates cultural differences, blending his Venezuelan heritage with the vibrancy of New York.

The spark that ignited Angelo’s comedic journey was his affinity for crafting comedic short films during his time in Venezuela, seven years ago. Amid challenges and uncertainties, his love for making people laugh drove him forward. Angelo’s motivation extends beyond the entertainment value; it’s about connecting with people on a profound level, fostering unity through laughter.

Starting a business is no small feat, and Angelo acknowledges that patience and consistency are paramount.

“To succeed, it’s crucial to stay patient and consistently work towards your goals,” he shares.

It’s this mindset that has enabled Angelo to conquer challenges and transform them into stepping stones on his path to comedic success.

This mindset, characterized by unwavering determination and a positive outlook, is the driving force behind Angelo’s ability to overcome obstacles and continue making people laugh, no matter the circumstances.

For those venturing into the world of business or building their brand, Angelo offers sage advice: “Don’t wait for someone else to hand you opportunities. Create your paths.”

Angelo’s story epitomizes the power of taking initiative and carving one’s way in a competitive world.

Angelo’s journey continues to unfold with exciting prospects on the horizon. “I’m working towards selling a stand-up comedy show in Spanish to a streaming service,” he comments. This endeavor reflects his determination to showcase the universal appeal of his comedic style to a broader audience.

Angelo’s journey, marked by two migrations and an unquenchable passion for comedy, has led him to where he stands today. How does he stand apart from the competition?

“We’re all unique in our ways, and that’s what the audience decides,” Angelo humbly remarks.

Adding a significant milestone to his journey, Angelo was featured on NPR, a testament to his growing influence. As the creator of the first Spanish comedy circuit in the capital of the United States, his story is an inspiration to all who aspire to bridge cultural gaps through the universal language of laughter.

In a world where laughter knows no boundaries, Angelo Colina is making his mark. His comedic endeavors, driven by an unyielding passion and a touch of Venezuelan flair, are transforming the comedy landscape in New York. With each punchline, Angelo Colina brings people together, one hearty laugh at a time.

To learn more about Angelo, and his shows click here!


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