Bringing Financial Freedom to their Followers: How @Investments on Instagram is Disrupting the Financial Social Media Space

In a world that is fast paced and with information incredibly accessible, the banking industry can feel very stagnant. Thankfully, people like Evan Boser of @Investments on Instagram are working to present financial information in an easy to understand way. 

“We started our Instagram page to help people with tools to reach financial independence. Our posts present information in a simple way about skill and knowledge we have picked up over the years. The posts include tidbits and information that helped us in our business careers. We post about stocks we like, books we like, and a general philosophy to approach life in the eye of an investor growing their pocket,” Evan outlines. 

Evan and his team spend a lot of time researching and clearing the information and facts they post on their Instagram page. Beyond the real need to fact-check, running a financial literacy social media page offers many more daily challenges, such as long hours and difficult decision making. 

“In business, whether it’s a big business or a small one, you constantly have to make decisions on the fly. Not making a decision is usually worse than making the wrong decision. With time management, it’s important to find the right balance between work and time to maximize productivity. Sometimes, too many hours on a certain task can significantly decrease your productivity. At the office, we try to find this balance and do focused narrow work rather than doing too many things at once and not getting anything done,” Evan outlines .

Even with all the challenges to avoid burnout and keep productivity up, Evan assures that there is a big misconception in the belief that companies need a lot of money and employees to start a successful business. For example, Evan’s Investments team only consists of 19 people, but with each of them having a strong belief in their team and message, their team was able to build the business to the success it is today. 

“Our team at Investments loves stocks and loves talking about asset generating initiatives. We love bouncing ideas off of each other and seeing ideas turn into concrete projects. We are all inspired by a passion to do good for the world and make a positive impact with our work. In regards to the financial industry,we think there’s a lack of positive information that actually helps investors. Most information is biased in the eyes of the content creator, and we’re here to change that,” Evan remarks. 

As a success story for starting their own company from the ground up, the Investments team has no shortage of advice to give for those looking to start their business. Primarily, they suggest avoiding any degree of over complication. Details matter a whole lot, but when you’re starting out don’t get caught up in the little things. 

“First, just lay out anything you can. Next, slowly work your way into the details. If you start with the details, you’ll most likely get frustrated and hung up on your work. A good quote we like to use in the office is one said by Richard Branson, billionaire entrepreneur and founder of the Virgin Group. Branson compares starting a business to learning how to swim. He says that in any new business idea or endeavor “First throw yourself in the deep end, then figure out how to swim”,” Evan says. 

With their hard work in sharing financial information online, the Investments team is able to help their followers reach their financial goals and freedom, which means being free of financial concerns. 

“Financial freedom doesn’t necessarily mean a constant vacation, it simply means that you can comfortably follow your passions and plan your days accordingly. With financial freedom, every decision we make can come from the gut,” Evan states. 

Be sure to follow the Investments team on their Instagram page, and check out their website


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