Compassionate Discipline- Serina Alashi’s secret to real fitness results

Meet Serina Alashi, founder of Mind Body Gainz Fitness. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, she provides online and in person fitness, nutrition, and mindset coaching. Serina guides entrepreneurs and busy working professionals in reprogramming their subconscious mind and improving their daily habits to develop the freedom and structure they desire in their life through Compassionate Discipline. Compassionate Discipline is understanding that there is a deeper psychological process that goes behind weight loss and creating sustainable habits. With the use of neuroscience and discipline, Serina can truly hold her clients accountable.

Serina believes that the most successful leaders follow a routine that allows them to remain in good physical and mental health. “Just as we pay attention to all the little aspects in our business and financial success, in order to see that long term, it’s important to pay attention to the small things like our mental and physical health, sleep, and recovery.”

“Monkey see, Monkey do”- Serina manifested her fitness journey at a young age. She grew up watching her mom take care of her own health through nutrition and exercise,’ and followed her same routine. Already with a great example , Serina, started to implement holistic techniques focusing on her solar plexus, such as breathwork, meditation and affirmations to work on her overall physical and mental health. The years that followed, resulted in the confidence and strong self-esteem that she worked extremely hard for. This on top of influencing her friends, for example training her friend for the airforce, pushed her to materialize her passion into a business. 

While working on her bachelor in Psychology and minor in Business at Arizona State University, Serina arduously worked two full time jobs, and grinded until she finally got her certifications. Fully graduated, she successfully took her passion to another level by creating fitness content on IG and rented out a gym space in Scottsdale, AZ  where she garnered several clients interested in achieving their own fitness goals. Persistently and with non stop growth, by mid-pandemic 2020 she launched her online course to help others grow and become the best versions of themselves physically and mentally.  

“I believe that fitness goes beyond the physical transformations we achieve. If implemented correctly, the positive effects on the mind, soul, and physique are truly limitless”

Thanks to Serina’s own fitness journey and with her positive mindset she was able to achieve her physical and mental health goals. Her passion and positivity didn’t make it feel like work as it was her dream that she was striving for. Now she continues to provide the tools and tricks that she learned to implement for herself, and share her passion with many others through Mind Body Gainz Fitness.

Compared to other competition, Serina dives deep with her clients to guide them in reprogramming their subconscious mind to achieve sustainable results. Through proven strategies, her clients improve their physical health, mental clarity, confidence, for the maximum energy they deserve. 

For the upcoming year, she expects to garner thousands of more individuals to inspire change within their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, while making a difference in how fitness is perceived. Also in 2022, alongside her business partner they will launch a Mandala Mentorship Program in Spring. The Mandala Mentorship is an online 16 week coaching program that guides busy professionals and entrepreneurs in reaching their fullest human potential, by improving in the main domains of life (physical, mental, spiritual), to live a life of purpose. It emphasizes and fosters the importance of consistency, discipline and community. Most importantly, Serina will continue to learn and grow alongside her prospering business in order to reach millions of people world wide.

For more information check out Serina’s website on  and follow her on Instagram @mindbodygainz_fitness


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