Daniela Estacio Founded Gaphant In Order To Provide Comfortable, Functional & Beautiful Uniforms With The Latest Technologies For The HealthCare Industry. Check Out More Below!

In the healthcare industry, uniforms and clothing are of the utmost importance. Uniforms protect employees from contaminants and make an employee’s job easier; each uniform and clothing item serves its own purpose. Healthcare scrubs are an important component in providing adequate healthcare. In fact, their role in the medical facility is imperative!

Also, the way the fashion industry has moved forward so has the medical clothing industry. Today, scrubs come in various colors and designs. New trends have been emerging lately, such as slightly more shapely or form-fitting scrubs, designs with zippers, elastics, ornaments and much narrower garments than those that used to be worn before.

In that sense, Gaphant is a Colombian uniform brand which is revolutionizing the fashion industry for health professionals. They focus on the manufacture, marketing and distribution of uniforms and part of their mission is to highlight the image of health professionals, providing the best alternative for medical uniforms with unique functionality and an unmatched style!

The brand was created in 2018 by Daniela Estacio, a Colombian dentist. As a doctor, she saw the need to wear uniforms that enhance the personal and professional image. Daniela was tired of wearing the same classic and traditional scrubs as everyone else and she wanted to project a more confident, secure and comfortable image. That was how Gaphant was born!

“Today the brand is one of the most recognized in Latin America and Central America for adapting fashion trends in our designs, allowing health professionals to wear outfits that positively contribute to their professional image while remaining functional! Also, our fabrics have high standards of quality and comfort”, Daniela explains.

Gaphant manages to stand out from other similar businesses because all their designs are comfortable, their fabrics are functional and have all kinds of technologies, such as anti-fluid, antistatic, anti-wrinkle, breathable, moisture absorption, elasticity, sun protection, and more! In addition, their designs are fascinating and modern, and their team members pay extreme attention to detail to make sure every uniform is perfect.

To get where she is today, Daniela has faced some challenges like the ones that come with being a young woman creating a business in an industry unknown to her and having to learn in depth about clothing and textiles, since all her previous knowledge and experience was focused on dentistry. But Daniela never stopped believing in her dream, and thanks to her courage she now runs a successful internationally recognized uniform brand!

“If you are looking to start a new business, convince yourself that your ideas are good for others to believe them. If you doubt your business, others will too! Always persevere, on this road it doesn’t matter who gets there first, it doesn’t even matter who does it better, what really matters is who doesn’t give up!”, Daniela advises.

She is currently working on the international expansion of her brand and organizing the networks of official distributors in each country, in order to make the shopping experience more comfortable and faster for all customers.

“Expanding Gaphant was a future project that became a necessity for many health professionals who knew about us and were outside of Colombia. Their appreciation of our brand and the effort they made to obtain our products gave us enough confidence to recognize that it was time to expand and so it was. Today we are in the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, soon Venezuela and Spain!”, Daniela adds.

To find out more about Gaphant, follow them on Instagram here. You can also check out their website here.


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