De La Rosa Clinica y Estetica Is The Prestigious Medical Center Based in Barranquilla That Is Expanding Internationally: María Helena de la Rosa y Cesar Sánchez Share More

De La Rosa Clinica y Estetica is a prestigious medical center based in Barranquilla, Colombia, led by Dr. María Helena de la Rosa, a plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon and by Dr. César Sánchez, a cardiovascular and vascular surgeon. The clinic was founded at the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, with the purpose of providing all its patients with cutting-edge technology and quality services that contribute to improving their quality of life.

“We use the highest technology,  and we’re always at the forefront with large national and international institutions. In addition, we have qualified and trained personnel to provide the best service and attention to all our patients”, Maria Helena and Cesar explain.

They offer different medical specialties such as aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, cardiovascular and vascular surgery, cardiology, dermatology, internal medicine, imaging, gynecology, and general surgery.

What’s more, De La Rosa Clinica y Estetica also has several operating room areas where their team members practice outpatient surgeries with the highest and most advanced technology used worldwide, always thinking about the needs of all the patients who want to receive medical care in a center that provides them with security and comfort.

“Within our industry, there are not many institutions like ours that provide immediate attention to the needs of our patients with the highest technology and human warmth. It has always been a dream for us to have this institution where we work with the highest quality standards in terms of health”, they add.

For Cesar and Maria Helena, the priority will always be the well-being of all their patients. That is why they work with the most innovative equipment, with the best quality medical-surgical supplies, with highly trained medical personnel who are in continuous training, and much more!

To date, the clinic is considered a benchmark for health in Colombia  due to the high quality of their work and their amazing medical team, which has positioned it as a leader within the health industry.

“We are always 100% committed to each patient from the moment they enter this institution. Our goal is to be able to offer them an optimal service, help them improve their quality of life and make them feel satisfied for having chosen our institution and our specialists as a fundamental pillar in the recovery of their physical and mental health”, Maria Helena and Cesar detail.

De La Rosa Clinica y Estetica manages to stand out from other different clinics because they not only provide a service with human quality, using medical techniques with high-tech equipment, but also support and help all their patients from the first moment they cross the door.

Maria Helena and Cesar are currently working on expanding their medical center not only in Colombia but also internationally, in order to be able to show the world all the services they provide, as well as their highly trained staff and their advanced technology!

De La Rosa Clinica y Estetica is located in 86 street #47-90, Barranquilla, Colombia. Contact them here!


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