Donald Trump ‘only likes women he can control’, TV star Ruby Wax says, after former president found liable for sexually abusing writer

Donald Trump “only likes women he can control”, Ruby Wax has told Sky News, adding: “He was the most dangerous man I’ve ever met.”

Her comments come after Trump was found liable for sexually abusing the writer E Jean Carroll in the 1990s, as well as for defamation.

The civil trial rejected her claim she was raped during the encounter, and Donald Trump denies all wrongdoing and said he will appeal the decision.

Wax met the former US president in the 1990s for her show Ruby Wax Meets, and told Kay Burley on Sky News: “He got me.”

“He pegged me. He said you’re aggressive with a smile,” added Wax, who was born in the US.

“And that’s because I felt like a trapped animal. I don’t come across sexually, but if I had, he would have had me.

“But I don’t, so he hates me – he only likes women that he can control and use as a kind of… toy.”

The author also recalled the time she was alone with the businessman, telling Burley: “He did get in the car with me at one point with no sound on and tell me what exactly he thinks of women. And it was appalling.

“And had I had sound, he would have gotten [sic] more votes because that’s my country.”

Talking about the US, she said: “In the old days, (people) would have said, ‘This guy cannot go near anything’ – and same with Bill Cosby.”


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