Douglas Madera Buscarini Shapes Aspiring Soccer Players to Pros

Douglas Madera Buscarini is a Venezuelan soccer mentor, owner of DMB14 Soccer Academy in Clearwater, Florida. It offers Douglas’ master training, the Soccer Evolution Program, dedicated to teenagers whom are serious about becoming professional soccer players. According to the academy, it is the most intense, demanding and complete soccer training you’ll ever see that actually works. 

Additionally, Douglas runs DMB14 Soccer Consulting, a soccer player agency in charge of impulsing soccer players after the Soccer Evolution Program. This way, they manage them into their contracts with professional teams and sponsors and accompany them for their whole career.

Evidently, Douglas is a soccer fanatic. He is in love with the sport and ever since he was a little kid, he imagined himself with a ball, running behind it. During an extensive career in the sport, he found disappointments. Some due to the management of the soccer world in his country, Venezuela, and others due to incorrect professional decisions. Douglas believes that if he had had a mentor he admired and looked after him giving him the right tools, surely he could have done way better.

“This is why I feel such an immense responsibility to reach as many talented youth soccer players as possible to guide, orient, mentor them and, therefore, help them achieve their dream. So they can become first level professional soccer players, and make sure they are and set a good example for all that surrounds them on and off the soccer field”, he shares.

Young Douglas stood out in the sport; he played in 2 of the most recognized South American clubs, the Argentinian CA River Plate (U-20 team) and the Brazilian CR Flamengo (reserve team), and was contacted by elite European teams, particularly for the Italian Serie A. He played first tier in Venezuela with Estudiantes de Mérida, and suffered many delusions due to how poorly managed the sport was. After this, he joined Universidad Metropolitana to study Business Economy, a career that would allow him to contribute to the soccer world.

With his skills and passion for the sport, his experience and the knowledge he accumulated during the years, he began developing a soccer training program to obtain the best numbers a soccer player should have. And he tested it on himself while playing still from 31 years old to 35. It took him almost 5 years and many more research for him to show his results with people. Nevertheless, it was only after COVID-19, while living in Italy, with the lockdown, that he finished the Soccer Evolution Program.

After a National Tour during the last year (2021) in his home country, Venezuela, visiting 14 states, traveling more than 7125 km by land and training and evaluating more than 1,670 youth soccer players, he choosed the best 2 for the training. After finishing the program in five (5) weeks, the youth players showed amazing successful results, then they went back to their home cities and made tryouts with the best teams in each ones’ area and were selected for first tier professional soccer teams. One of them was appointed as team captain of his category (U-17) and the other one was called to train with the professional team at only 14 years old. After those successes Douglas settled in Florida with his wife, but continued with his program, true to his wish to help and inspire many aspiring soccer players.

“Friends, trips, languages, experiences everywhere, smiles, sparkling faces and little kids’ eyes, and even my wife’s admiration for my work in Venezuela to bring light and hope to my country’s children. That’s what soccer has given me; for that, and many more, my heart will always be attached to the ball, and my dreams will always be running behind it”, he expresses.

Currently, Douglas with his DMB14 Soccer Academy is working on Soccer With Values Clinics in the Tampa Bay area, Florida, to evaluate and select possible talents for his program. He hopes to imitate this in other parts of the US and offer more teenagers the same opportunity to fulfill their dreams. He is also organizing fundraisings to sponsor players with low economic resources that can’t afford the training program cost. Finally, by the end of this year, he will take some of his trainees to tryouts at the biggest soccer clubs in Argentina.
But it doesn’t end there. Douglas dreams big, so this is just the beginning for him, he hopes that in a few years, he can create a professional soccer club to represent the city of Clearwater, Florida, as he did in Venezuela back in 2011, and take his story even further. Learn more about the Soccer Evolution Program here.   


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