Dr. Jacque Suffered Incredible Injuries But Used His Path To Get Back To Full Health To Inspire His Future Business

A tragic accident had left Dr. Jacque injured after he attempted to break up a fight between his friends after a night out drinking. He did not know, at the time, if he was going to make it through the night. However, this tragic moment led Dr. Jacque down a path that would bring him success.

“In August 2009, I was a week away from graduating from Penn State University, and my friends and I decided to go out downtown in Pittsburgh.  At the end of the night, we go to leave the bar we were at, and some of my friends were in a fight with some guys on the street.  I went to break up the fights to gather my friends to go home, and someone came out of nowhere and cold cocked me and knocked me out and left me to bleed out on the pavement. I overheard the doctor telling my parents my diagnosis.  I had a subdural hematoma, which was damaging my brain, I had a fracture of my lower neck, and I bruised my spinal cord making it impossible for me to move my arms and legs,” Dr. Jacque recounts.

From there, Jacque worked hard to change his life back what it once was. He describes it as a journey back towards health. He went back to school and learned how to help others. Jacque was able to turn his life around completely. Now, after years of schooling and learning he has started a business dedicated to a virtual naturopathic clinic.

“Now, I have my health, my wife has her health and we have two beautiful children who were born naturally, full term, at home with no complications and they haven’t been sick a day in their lives. I run a virtual naturopathic health practice as well as coaching other docs on what it is that I do.  My business focuses on optimizing health in people who either have lost it, or never want to lose it.  I specialize in infertility practices, gut health, and mold toxicity.  I use naturopathic herbs and supplements to be able to make lasting change in individuals no matter where you’re located,” Dr. Jacque states.

Dr. Jacque is different from others because he has gone through many challenges and difficulties to get to where he is. He worked hard to overcome his injuries and the mental anxiety that came with it. This type of work ethic helped him become successful in business.

“What makes me unique is that I have always been the underdog in my life. I was bullied as a kid which forced me to work out, take care of myself and always strive to prove others wrong.  This unique upbringing allows me to thrive in situations and be that underdog for others who feel that same way and help them come out on the other side a completely transformed person with true health. I pride myself in the patient experience.  I want everyone to know that I am here, I am listening and I am truly your health advocate. What makes me unique, is that I have had my own health challenges and I have done my own protocols. So I know what it takes, I know the pitfalls, and I know how to rise to the challenge to continue to get results. I am relentless at finding answers and educating my patients on what is truly going on with their health so I can honestly say, the majority of my patients know more than your standard docs out there,” Dr. Jacque says.

Dr. Jacque is only just beginning his journey to success. He has many amazing plans for the upcoming year as he continues to build and expand his business and find brand new opportunities.

“A couple new projects are to work to make a brand for myself. I have been living under the shadow of others for awhile and I know my worth and it’s time to allow others to see it as well. I will be able to brand Doc Jacque and give great information and life changing results to patients across the world. After that, I will be continuing to prepare to launch my coaching program for other doctors, be that Chiropractors, MDs, NDs you name it. So that I can help others help more people. When your goal is to radically change the healthcare model, I can only do so much myself, I need a strong team of like-minded individuals to help us achieve our goal,” Dr. Jacque states.

To find out more about Dr. Jacque, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.


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