Dr. Taylor Moore Struggled With Her Finances. It Made Her Think About How Many People In Her Life Could Use The Help, So She Created A Business Out Of It

Credit is, among many other things, one of the most important aspects to having a successful life. In general, all of us are not properly educated in finances, that is to say, our financial education can be a little deficient, which leads to our credit not being the most adequate. To improve our credit situation, it is advisable to go to people who know about the subject, and especially to those people who have tried their methods themselves and can demonstrate their effectiveness. Dr. Taylor J. Mckelphin Moore, born in Chicago, IL, is a professional female clinical forensic psychologist and financial education consultant who helps people to empower themselves mentally and financially by providing the tools necessary to move forward and achieve their goals. 

“I value being able to meet people where they are at in life and help them build from the bottom up, emotionally, mentally and financially.” Dr. Moore states.

Today, she runs a financial education company that helps with credit restoration and credit building services. What led her to enter this industry was that she was once denied a mortgage loan due to lack of credit, which made her realize just how little we all know about the world of credit.

“After I was denied a mortgage loan for lack of credit, I went to an old college mentor for credit repair. She inspired me to join her journey to fix my credit and refer others to the program. After three months with the company I was able to change 8 items from late to on time, got 4 negative items removed, paid off over $14,000 in debt, and my credit score went from a 640 to an 808.” Dr. Moore explains.

Having lived that experience allowed her to realize that many people need help in building their credit in addition to not having the knowledge or foundation necessary to build finances, which motivated her to help educate others.

 “I noticed that 9/10 contacts in my phone needed help with building their credit and did not know the fundamentals of building finances. I was motivated to help educate others as financial stability also helps with mental stability.” Dr. Moore remarks.

Dr. Moore differs from others by her integrity and the quality of care provided. 

“Not only do I get paid for my services, but I educate my clients in financial literacy and shake their hands in the process. I take the time to check on my clients personally and make sure every step is being taken. As a Clinical Forensic Psychologist my goal is to help others as much as possible. I’ve learned as a therapist that most people in the African American Community lack financial literacy which causes more poverty, more mental health issues, more substance abuse, and more incarcerated youth. My goal is to incorporate financial literacy in my treatment when reducing mental health issues.” Dr. Moore comments.

Financial freedom is something that many people struggle with every day of their lives. For some it is related to success and it is established as being able to do many things without worrying about money. For Dr. Taylor J. Mckelphin Moore, it is different because she believes financial freedom has another meaning.

“It means being able to give back and help others. I’m not interested in earning income to be alone at the top, I want to give back and help others join me. Let’s all work together to achieve an important goal which is to reduce poverty, high percentages, negative items, late payments, and more. As a Clinical Forensic Psychologist, my goal is to help others as much as possible. I have learned as a therapist that most people in the African American community lack financial literacy, which causes more poverty, more mental health problems, more substance abuse, and more young people in prison. My goal is to incorporate financial literacy into my treatment to reduce mental health problems.” Dr. Moore adds.

Dr. Taylor J. Mckelphin Moore has many plans in the upcoming months as she continues to grow and help others along the way. She gives us a sneak peak into what she has planned.  

“Plan to become a vice president of my company, help more than 200 people with credit repair and construction services, and continue to educate my son about financial education.” Dr. Moore details.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Taylor J. Mckelphin Moore, click here


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