Elizabeth Hernandez, Better Known as GirlBossImperio, Was Inspired by the Strong Women in Her Life to Become an Entrepreneur

Elizabeth Hernandez, better known as Girlbossimperio, came from humble beginnings. Coming from the Dominican Republic, entrepreneurship had always been a part of her family. Her family owned a series of local grocery stores and seeing them work day in and day out helped inspire her to become an entrepreneur.

“I’m a young Latin woman from the Dominican Republic. My family, for years, owned a community business (grocery stores) . I lived most of my life in the DR, but have been in the United States for 9 years . 

I have a strong feeling that I can help, support and be a positive change on how Latin women entrepreneurs feel about the business dreams they have in this amazing country,” Girlbossimperio says.

Though most of her family had entrepreneurial experience, it was the women in her life that tipped the scale in Girlbossimperio’s life. She had been raised alongside numerous strong and talented female entrepreneurs and she wanted to follow in their footsteps.

“I have few motivations, but the main one is that I come from a family with many strong women that like to work very hard. When I saw that the online industry was booming and saw a lot of women interested in learning, I wanted to make them feel comfortable and give them the help that they needed,” Girlbossimperio remarks.

Girlbossimperio’s experience in the online world is what helped propel her to the top of this business. She had seen lots of women interested in doing the same thing and decided that this was her calling and a great opportunity to employ her skills.

“For three years, I was a social media manager for a very important Spanish brand from my country. I also studied Instagram for business. Now, I help new women entrepreneurs get their business online by assisting with their website, logo, design and product presentation. I also coach business motivation for Spanish women entrepreneurs. It’s one of my top segments on my Instagram community. I’m a strong, hard working woman that doesn’t stop learning and is always open to learning new things for business technology, social media such as Instagram, facebook, YouTube,” Girlbossimperio states.

Girlbossimperio has many exciting plans coming up in the future. She is starting an event that will include numerous women all looking to learn from her and tap into her skills.

“I’m coming into the new year with a powerful and helpful event called Imperiodelasmariposas. This is a group of Latin woman’s entrepreneurs that will learn together from each other, and share business experiences,” Girlbossimperio shares.

To find out more about Girlbossimperio, you can follow her on Instagram here.


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