Financial Success Not Just for the Rich: Jorge Palmero Created a Business to Give Normal People the Edge on their Financial Decisions.

Some people are born with a desire to create something and have a natural entrepreneurial spirit. These people don’t always act on these natural talents and wishes, but when they do, they can reach unparalleled heights. Jorge Palmero is one of these people. No matter what stage he was in life, he always felt that the world of entrepreneurship was always calling him.

I am a 60 years old professional. I graduated from Oxford University in England and did my MBA at Indiana University. I have worked in corporate America for over 25 years; but always had an entrepreneur’s heart. I was never afraid of failure and I never missed an opportunity to learn new things. In that sense, throughout my life I failed so many times but each failure, as painful as they were, was a learning experience for me. So, I guess what makes me unique is that I have that corporate and structured mentality; but also, the passion and open mindedness that only an entrepreneur has,” Jorge recounts.

After finally making the decision to go after his dreams, Jorge created a business designed to teach people the ins and outs of what makes other people successful. They believe that everyone deserves the right and opportunity to achieve financial success and freedom that is generally reserved for the haves and not the have nots.

“We like to think that we run a business with the following mission: to change People’s lives, so our strategy is based on introducing our clients to our 31 module business class. We strongly believe in educating them. We introduce them to several passive income generating businesses, we will show them how to invest and generate this income that will literally change their lives. We will help them make their dreams come true and meet their God giving destiny,” Jorge remarks.

What made Jorge finally make this change, despite having that consistent entrepreneurial spirit that led him through life, was the fact that he himself felt in a rut. He had been in the same position and the same routine for decades. When he got his chance, he took a leap of faith and created something that would not only give back to him, but give back to others as well.

“Despite seemingly having it all, I clearly began to feel ‘stuck’ in my corporate career; I knew I could achieve more, but didn’t know how, or even where to start. I bravely made the decision to step away from the stability of the corporate world to focus closely on my passion for entrepreneurship. Having found a way to realize my own dreams, I am now on a mission to help others realize theirs,” Jorge says.

Jorge’s business, LVLUP Class, is different from other businesses because they strive to create a great relationship with their clients. Their customer relations have helped keep them afloat even when things get tough.

“We wanted to be different and decided to base our services on superb customer services and our driving force was to impact; to change people’s lives; which later became our motto, our slogan,” Jorge states.

With the year wrapping up and a new one soon to begin, Jorge and his team have numerous exciting plans for the next couple of months. He details them below:

“We will open a new facility to handle some of our custom’s products. We are planning on onboarding more than one hundred new stores in all Walmart, Amazon and Facebook platforms. We are also planning on growing our funding department to a division as we have been so successful in that area.” 

To find out more about Jorge, you can follow him on Instagram here and check out his website here.


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