Former Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales says ‘the truth hasn’t surfaced’ in interview days before court appearance

Luis Rubiales has said the “truth hasn’t surfaced” relating to the kiss that overshadowed Spain’s World Cup triumph, thrust him into the spotlight and cost him his job.

The former Spanish FA president is due to testify in court this Friday over his allegedly unsolicited kiss on the lips of Spanish forward Jenni Hermoso.

Mr Rubiales, who was suspended by football’s governing body FIFA over the kiss, said in a translated interview on TalkTV’s Piers Morgan Uncensored that he had “full faith the truth [would] come out and [that] everything will be fine” before his court appearance.

He added: “I am a good guy, look me in the eyes.”

The 80-minute interview covered a timeline of events starting with the incident itself to his resignation where he couldn’t “continue [his] work”.

Speaking about the kiss, the 46-year-old said his actions were not of a president, repeatedly saying he “made a mistake”.

Rubiales attributed the kiss to “great joy” without “sexual connotation” and referred to it as a “mutual act” – words reflected in his defiant stance when he was still president.

Hermoso has repeatedly said the kiss was not consensual revealing afterwards that she “didn’t like it”.


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