Fresh view on Legal Marketing

5 Best Websites for Law Firms. 

by Creative Director 4creatives agency

Oxana Skripka


Oxana Skripka is a graphic designer and creative director from Russia who moved to NYC three years ago. She has over 8 years of experience in design and is an award-winning designer, jury member at international design competitions, ambassador of the Behance Russian Community and much more. 

A few years ago she jumped into legal marketing and design, so here a few words about the legal industry from a creative perspective and how it’s been changing this days:

“We need to understand that a lot of industries like legal are one step away from joining the digital game compared to all kinds of entertaining companies, beauty and fashion industry and everything that is related to selling online. There is a huge gap right now, but also a huge opportunity. As we see it on our team: to set up a visual and marketing direction for the whole industry and help their transition into the digital world is a huge and necessary step.”

The main reason why there is such a delay with that transition is client oriented marketing that was based on Tradition Advertising like billboards and newspaper ads for a very long time. Itit worked perfectly for a long time, especially for the clients whose average age is 35-65 depending on the firm. 

All firms have created their websites in the meantime but the main issue here is that they do not look  modern nor up to date. They are also not user friendly and hard to navigate through, which means they don’t do any good work for promoting and growing business. Most of the Law Firms have a strong mission for their companies and great stories that are mostly not translated on the website at all. This is what we are trying to change- to give the Law Firms a voice, show their story through visuals, make them look comfortable and bold in the digital world.

Here a small check-list to quality website for law firm:

  1. Need to have clear, easy navigation. Head menu and footer with logical page categories.
  2.  Big phone number and CTA to get leads on the first screen. CTAs through the main page that helps to guide the user and to keep it on the website.
  3. Websites should be responsive for all kinds of displays: desktop, iPad, mobile etc.
  4. Don’t forget about the form field a few times on a page to get contact information of website visitors.
  5. Check the speed. Make sure that your website has good speed, don’t take a lot to load content or change the pages. 

 And here a few examples of great looking modern website for law firms that also fits all of this criteria:









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