From Fashion Designer To Brand Strategist And Business Owner, Camila Straschnoy Has Dominated All Aspects Of The Fashion And Media Industry

Camila Straschnoy is recognized as a brand strategist, trends researcher, keynote speaker, editor, creative storyteller, and educator in Miami Beach, FL. Camila holds a BA in fashion and textile design and an MFA in Visual Arts. In addition, she earned international diplomas in fashion marketing and trend forecasting. Her education, along with her extensive experience in the industry, has led her to develop a broad range of skills, a global viewpoint, and an expansive collaborative network. 

As an independent consultant in the fashion industry, Camila aims to help companies break through the noise, develop strategies to connect them with their tribe and apply a trend-driven approach to innovation. As such, she has contributed with over 20 companies such as Bottega Veneta, L’Oreal, InStyle, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, L’OFFICIEL, ¡HOLA!, Univision, and the Latin American Fashion Summit. She is also an MA professor at the prestigious school of fashion and design, Istituto Marangoni, where she teaches Fashion and Luxury Management.

“What makes me different from the rest is my trend-driven approach to brands. I use my vast and unusual combination of skills to help brands identify what’s their secret sauce, their unique point of view, their place in this world, and their tribe. And I show them ways to connect and resonate with today’s consumers so they can become who they aspire to be. I helped them create culturally relevant ideas in an ever-evolving landscape and for a multi-everything world. I become the brand’s thinking partner opening their minds to new possibilities and innovative ways of doing things so they can break from the pack,” states Camila. 

While Camila always dreamt of becoming a fashion designer since she was a little girl, it wasn’t until she earned her BA that she realized she wanted to do more. When the opportunity to go to Spain to get a master’s certification in trend forecasting appeared, Camila took advantage of this opportunity. Little did she know, this was going to become her passion. From contributing with brands to traveling to the most iconic fashion weeks around the world, Camila built her skillset and is now a sought-after keynote speaker for lectures on fashion business, fashion marketing, communicating brands, and of course, trend forecasting. 

“After working as a fashion designer, I realized that I didn’t want to be that in my life, and I realized that I wanted to work as a writer, critic, and analyst. I had to start from the bottom and build myself to become that step by step, meet the right people, and move solo up the ladder,” shares Camila. 

After serving as a consultant for multiple brands, Camila finally decided to found a home for her consulting agency. She recently launched MATE HOUSE, where she brings together all her skills in a comprehensive consulting business. You can find her company’s launch Newsletter here

“My tagline is FUELED BY CREATIVITY, DRIVEN BY DREAMS. Helping people think about their companies in new ways, helping them innovate, and opening an array of future-proof opportunities is priceless for me. It shows them new ways to align with today’s and tomorrow’s world. That’s the most fulfilling thing for me. Helping people think outside the box and jumpstart their creativity and critical thinking by exposing them to hints of future change that can positively affect their brands,” says Camila. 

Camila worked from the bottom up to create her business and recognizes how challenging it can be to start a new business. However, despite the many doubts and challenges along the way, Camila recognizes that failure is a necessary part of the process.

“No failure means not trying new things. We take pride in being disruptors and innovators. To be both things, we need to have a healthy environment at the agency where mistakes are celebrated and used as a trampoline to the next level of innovation.”

In order to be successful as a new business owner, it not only takes openness and flexibility, but also a clear vision and a positive mindset.In fact, Camila shares:

“Having a vision, holding to that vision, clearing your mind daily, having a healthy routine, and taking care of yourself is vital. When you find your purpose, the mindset comes easier because when you have a clear purpose, you find value in what you do, and others do too. With a clear purpose, you are more resilient, work happier, and are more creative. Success comes easier from that place of that alignment and vision.”

With a clear vision and purpose, Camila has several upcoming projects this year, including growing Mate House, her newly launched consulting agency. Furthermore, Camila is working on launching a podcast and is starting an incubator program in which she, along with her team, will be collaborating with one innovative project in art, fashion, digital media, or product design every year. As such, Camila hopes to share her knowledge in a way that positively impacts others and the community. Camila will also be developing more educational content for her online course and webinars. 

Having gone through her own challenges and seeing what works and what doesn’t work in the business world, Camila gives the following advice for those trying to start their own business: 

  1. Define your big WHY
  2. Envision your roadmap
  3.  Define  what you have to offer to this world that no one else has
  4. Analyze the zeitgeist and determine why your business is relevant now for today’s and future consumers  
  5. Follow the dreams you would like to follow if failure wasn’t a possibility! Those are the ones that matter to you, but sometimes fear prevents you from pursuing them. 

To continue being inspired by Camila Straschnoy, follow her on Instagram here, and make sure you keep up with her upcoming business projects, such as Mate House.


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