From Real Estate to Boxing Gyms, Reece Mennie is the Businessman Who Does it All.

Many of us identify our first mentors in life as our parents. As the first adults we meet in our lives, they often inspire where we decide to take our lives. This was the case for Reece Mennie as well. Watching his father work in business pushed Reece to want to follow in his footsteps and do the same.

“Growing up, I was always looking up to my father who owned his own business, so I’d say an entrepreneurial flair and mindset was instilled in me from a young age. I always knew a conventional 9-5 career wasn’t going to be for me, and I wanted to be able to make a change and provide a service & solution to consumers. I’d now consider myself a serial investor and entrepreneur with an unrivalled expertise in the UK alternative property investment sector,” Reece recounts.

From there, Reece took off in his own work in the business world. He has built a real estate business that consists of numerous properties and has built up his network. In addition, he has also created his own podcast.

“Working in partnership with key property development partners, I have established a leading reputation within the industry, having raised circa £80 Million for property developments over the past 6 years, fulfilling all returns to my network of High Net Worth and Sophisticated investors. Additionally, I have created my own Top 25 podcast series, Mennie Talks, where I interview proven and renowned business leaders to provide insight into their own journey to success, whilst offering guidance and advice for listeners and followers across the globe,” Reece explains.

Even with all of that on his plate, Reece was not finished working hard and achieving big things in the business world. With Covid-19 and lockdown giving him plenty of time to think and reflect on his business ideas, Reece was able to form a new digital marketing agency as well as a boxing gym! Since lockdown restrictions have somewhat been lifted in the United Kingdom, the brand new boxing gym was able to open its doors in April and has been an amazing contribution to the community.

“Having successfully built multiple brands from start-up phase to multi-million-pound business empires, I utilised the recent lockdown period to evaluate my existing business interests and develop new ways of giving back to the wider business community. 

As a result, I launched digital marketing agency, Bigas Marketing, to help businesses and brands develop successful cost-effective marketing strategies with a strong ROI; together with the launch of a new boxing academy and gym, the Dennis & Dyer Boxing Academy, who are dedicated to helping grow the next generation of UK hailing professional boxers, whilst also being a hub for the local community, helping members reach peak performance in their mental and physical health,” Reece remarks.

His start to marketing and creating community centers has not been perfect as Reece had to overcome numerous obstacles along the way. Though the pandemic provided him an opportunity to think of new ideas, it also presented a number of challenges. Reece, with his many years of experience, was able to overcome them.

“We’re always encountering challenges in this business, but it’s about how you respond to them and prevent them from occurring next time round. Challenges are seen as an opportunity to prove yourself and learn from them, and I’m always willing to learn to keep myself ahead. Unique is a very understated word for 2020. Last year was like no other, and we have had to learn to adapt to the new way of living and working it has presented to us. Although it has been unprecedented and challenging, I have been lucky enough to have a great team around now, so we have met and overcome every difficulty and bit of adversity with confidence and professionalism,” Reece states.

With so much more to do to expand these businesses, Reece’s main plan for 2021 is to grow these two new projects as much as he can. His new marketing business has seen a huge pick up in the first quarter of 2021 and there is only more to come. Reece is looking at the rest of 2021 being very successful, and remains optimistic that there is a lot of opportunity and progression on the horizon. To find out more about Reece, check him out on instagram here.


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