Gabriel Fontes Lohr Revolutionizes Retirement Planning with the “Multiply Your Retirement” Method

Gabriel Fontes Lohr is the retirement strategies expert behind an innovative method that seeks to transform the financial lives of its clients. His method, “Multiply your Retirement,” focuses on strategies for retirement.

Along with sharing his method, Gabriel offers one-on-one virtual advice, providing first-class service to his clients. He is dedicated to providing personalized financial advice to Mexicans anywhere in the world.

Gabriel’s unique approach focuses on helping people multiply their retirement through customized plans that allow for tax deductions and investing tax returns in additional retirement strategies.

What makes me unique and motivates me is that, unlike other insurance agents, I am an expert in retirement strategies, and I am driven to help Mexicans live a dignified retirement, multiply their retirement, and enjoy a life without financial worries,” says Gabriel.

The method applied by Gabriel includes starting with a Personal Retirement Plan, allowing his clients to deduct taxes each fiscal year and use those returns to add new policies to their retirement strategy. 

This integrated approach not only ensures a steady stream of income during retirement but also offers additional benefits such as financial protection for the family in the event of death or disability.

This commitment to improving the quality of life of his clients is what drives Gabriel to overcome the challenges inherent to entrepreneurship. According to him, one of the biggest challenges is combining patience with tenacity, skills that he considers essential for the growth of any business.

You need patience to not despair in difficult moments because that is when you must act prudently. To have a determined attitude and constantly achieve goals you have to be tenacious because tenacity leads you to achieve enormous results and open new horizons.” Gabriel emphasizes, and adds, “For us, one of the main challenges was moving from traditional to digital was a process with several obstacles,”

These challenges, however, have been key to his success, allowing him to adapt to the growing world of online business and offer services that stand out for their exclusivity and high quality.

“To run a successful business your mindset must be to always provide a first-class experience to clients,” he says. 

For Gabriel, the focus should be on offering a service that not only meets expectations but exceeds them, creating loyal and satisfied customers. In addition to this, Gabriel also offers simple but powerful advice:

Venture out to the tide! There are no secrets, there are no short paths and there are no shortcuts.” He states.

Gabriel’s own experience has taught him that success comes from action and perseverance and that every setback is a valuable lesson on the path to success. Currently, he is focused on the future, with plans to expand his digital office and offer even more innovative and accessible services. 

Flexibility and accessibility are key to Gabriel’s vision, allowing his team to operate from anywhere in the world and continue to offer exceptional service. If you are looking to secure your financial future and want a dignified and worry-free retirement, Gabriel Fontes Lohr and his Multiply your Retirement method can help you achieve your goals. 


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