In A High Demand Business, Marlon The Kredit Mogul Delivers For Hundreds Of Clients

Marlon Peña, better known as Marlon the Kredit Mogul, is proud to have founded a credit restoration business that helps several hundreds of people, either through consultation, or performing work on behalf of the client. 

“One thing I learned about this business is that the demand is very high. All of us on a daily basis have problems, and I was aware that credit was one of the major pain-points I would need to understand in order for me to help my clients,” Marlon says. 

When Marlon first started in this industry, he had to learn a lot to be able to tackle all the barriers that came his way, differentiating himself from the competition. In addition, Marlon prioritized finding the right mentorship to give him a head start in the game.

“I sat down weekly to get mentorship & coaching with a credit expert that I had to pay out of pocket for consultations to understand the process of the trouble I was dealing with.  Which also required me to read and study. There were times I reached out to certain companies searching through Google and did not take the time to help me out. So once I found the right person I was able to commit and learn directly from him,” Marlon recalls. 

Marlon’s motivation to get into such a difficult industry came from wanting to turn his life around after a poor choice in being a cosigner on a deal that went sour. 

“After that, I wanted to prove to myself that I could turn it around. I wanted to prove that anything is possible once you understand how to maneuver a certain type of way in the industry and learn how to throw it back the way it was received so that gave me more motivation to continue to have an open mind and take it to the next level,” Marlon outlines.

Now, Marlon is able to work toward his version of success, which is entirely client focused. While many would define success as personal wealth or achievement, Marlon proves that his clients are always first and foremost by reframing their success as his own. 

“To see my clients winning such as helping them get into good credit standings then eventually purchasing a home or could be their dream home or their automobiles or able to open up a business plus get funding and negotiate the terms are things that show work of recognition for success,” Marlon says. 

In order to bring success to himself and his clients, Marlon keeps his mindset looking straight ahead, making any sacrifices needed. 

“The minute I created this brand I knew I was on the mission for so many people, not only myself. I was going to help people even if I never met them physically, and I was still willing to make the sacrifices for them, knowing that I had to commit for others from coast to coast,” Marlon says. 

In his breadth of experience, Marlon is able to spread his knowledge to others who want to follow his path. Having made the mistakes and learned from them, Marlon knows the most important parts of starting your own business is the positivity within the entrepreneur and the people around them. 

“Have motivation around you, whether it be a motivational speaker you listen to daily, or the friends you keep close by. Remember to learn the trade as much as needed or required, and to then be able to handle the business and operations side of it with a passion,” Marlon says.

Within the next year, Marlon is looking forward to progress with business credit to diversify his portfolio.. His business will not just only focus on personal credit, but also getting involved with a networking company that’s able to help so many people within the industry of credit. Alongside that, Marlon will reach out to new networks that can benefit from his services. 

Want to learn more about all that Kredit Mogul has to offer? Be sure to check out their website and Instagram


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