International Business Mogul Heinz Kaegi Uses His Unique Heart Work Approach to Change Mindsets of Upcoming Leaders

With years of experience in the business world, Heinz Kaegi set out to change the way managers lead themselves and their teams, working towards “heart work” over hard work. He began his own career by engaging his unique approach and self-designing bespoke workshops as a partner in a national personal development firm. In a few years, it was finally the right time to expand internationally. 

“Even without the mastery of the English language, I jumped off the cliff, trusting that the wings would be delivered in time and they were. Less than 2 years later, I was leading my own leadership workshops in Florida. My audiences would praise my inspiring spirit and the very practical models geared for instant implementation,” Heinz recalls. 

Almost a decade later, Heinz had business roots both in North America and Europe. Now working as the founder of emPowerment Group Ltd with a stronger portfolio, he worked with executives, moving them from “hard work to heart work®.”. Shortly after in 2016, Kaegi-Leadershift Ltd. emerged from the emPowerment Group.

“Kaegi-Leadership hosts an international team of mentors and coaches. Together they work to inspire, develop and shape the future, all alongside visionary executives. They also work for companies with the goal to reach groundbreaking people emPowerment, leading from that future and performing a sustainable impact for an economy of heart,” Heinz says. 

Starting his own business was an impressive feat, especially in a crowded market space. To stay on the cutting edge, Heinz focused from the very beginning on his big Why, the Purpose of it all. This meant re-cognizing the uniqueness of own identity, the mission and the vision of his contribution to the greater good. That in-depth reflective work has strongly aligned his inner compass, directing his mindset towards remaining crystal clear, as was taught to him by his mentors and personal coaches. 

“We can only change three things in life: our thinking, our movements, and our nutrition. The latter two depend on the first one, with the mindset making at least 80% of the result. I know by evidences  that what you can conceive and truly believe, you can achieve,” Heinz outlines. 

Looking back on his accomplishments, Heinz consistently comes to the conclusion that his highest and lowest points, equally, were both results of his personal mindset. He passes the importance of mindset on to new entrepreneurs, along with the insight about how managers and leaders differ. 

“My findings bring a tangible down to earth model that explains, in a compelling way, the tops and flops in the business world. My LEX Leadershift Excellence™ for Life Program encompasses seven laws of leadership that differentiate the true leaders from the rest.

It is these proven laws that I share with entrepreneurs, top executives and boards, in the intention of moving leaders from hard work to heart work®,” Heinz says. 

Heinz encourages the businesses and leaders he works with to take a deep dive into the core  questions, as he believes this is the quickest way to get to the root of their business motivations. He asks them to investigate their identity, the legacy they seek, and their company’s higher purpose. 

“When you have answered the why and the what, the how will unfold right before you,” Heinz says.

In the upcoming year, Heinz has many exciting projects lined up to look forward to. In August of 2021, Heinz will be hosting his first exclusive in person event in Salt Lake City. Instead of a sensational big stage seminar event like many other opportunities, Heinz is proud to be hosting an intimate immersion process with a limited group of hand selected personalities on the path of becoming who they are. 

“We’re excited to bring together brillant executives who are committed from the heart to grow beyond, producing sustainable success & fulfillment, to express their full potential as leaders. The higher cause is about leaving a legacy that creates a future for our children and the next generations,” Heinz says. 

To learn more about Heinz, check out his personal website or Instagram. Be sure to learn more about Kaegi-Leadershift Ltd. here.


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