It is Not Easy To Migrate To the United States: The Team of Attorneys at Diaspora Law Understands the Challenges

Many people move from one country to another either for work, family, or to look for a better quality of life. However, when moving to a country like the United States, immigrants should comply with the immigration rules and requirements that the country demands.

In many cases, people spend all their capital in order to obtain a visa that allows them to live and work legally in the United States. Unfortunately, sometimes their dreams for a visa do not come to fruition.

This happens for failing to hire the right firm, not seeking immigration specialists and oftentimes because there are plenty of scams, which can not only lead to visas getting denied but also to higher penalties such as deportation or fines. 

Among the many firms dedicated to immigration matters is Diaspora Law, led by a group of attorneys who together with his team of lawyers and assistants serves people in all 50 states of the United States and abroad.

Diaspora Law specializes in family immigration, business immigration, and deportation defense. They are federally licensed to practice U.S. immigration law and work with people throughout the processing of their cases, which can sometimes be long.

The team that makes up Diaspora Law is incredibly talented and committed from start to finish to successfully resolving issues using among its many tools communication and collaboration. 

“All problems or challenges can be resolved quickly with thoughtful questions and teamwork.” Said a team member.

Attorney Mahsa Mohkamkar, who practices licensed Immigration Law in New York, is also part of the Diaspora Law team. As a first-hand immigrant, she has a deep understanding of the struggles faced by immigrants and dedicates her career to helping her clients with respect and empathy. 

Vilena Ramini, Esq, who practices exclusively immigration law and is licensed in NJ, is another attorney in the team. As an immigrant, Vilena understands firsthand the importance of properly navigating the U.S. immigration processes. 

Another attorney is Anthony Grunner, Esq., who also practices exclusively immigration law and is licensed in NJ and PA. Anthony grew up in and around Flint, Michigan, and has seen first-hand the negative impacts of institutional and governmental abuse of ordinary workers. He is passionate about advocating for the rights of disadvantaged individuals and helping them successfully navigate complex legal systems.

People trust Diaspora Law because they are professionals committed to their clients and providing them with the best solution through their knowledge and experience in the immigration field. 

The team at Diaspora Law is personally dedicated to helping their clients’ dreams to be fulfilled, and to do this they treat each case as their own. With family and individual immigration being areas of focus at Diaspora Law, their attorneys are always up to date on the ever-changing laws in order to better serve you. 

We listen to you and gather all the details relevant to your situation to determine your best options and target the desired outcome of your situation. We understand that everyone has a different story and we choose the most appropriate route to achieve the best results.”

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