Jasmine Sidibe is a Swedish-Guinean Model Who is Using Her Modeling Career and Social Media to Break Barriers For Others Who Look Like Her.

Jasmine Sidibe grew up surrounded by two cultures that would continue to influence her for the rest of her life. Growing up Swedish and Guinean is not your typical path in childhood let alone in modeling, which she soon took up as her career.

“I grew up in Sweden with two cultures: Sweden and Guinea. In the modelling industry they appreciated my mixed look. Being multicultural has made me an open minded person and more international. I am a creative woman who wants to make a positive change in the world. I enjoy working with a diverse team of professionals and I always champion diversity and inclusion,” Jasmine recounts.

From her unique background and story, Jasmine decided to not only share her story and her experience on the runway, but also to influence people on all different platforms. She is a content creator who inspires people to follow their dreams.

“I am a personal brand as an international model and creator. I collaborate with brands. I create content and share experiences with my audience. I have a deep interest in travelling, cultures, media, beauty and health – I share my knowledge from that and work with others in my industry. Everything I do is created from my heart. I influence people to be healthy in life and to show love and care towards themself and planet earth. I influence people to be open minded in life. I influence people to follow their dreams,” Jasmine explains.

Jasmine’s success is almost entirely a product of her incredible mindset, which she states is crucial to finding your way through the difficult world of business. She even went as far as investing her time in mindset courses to make sure that she had the proper thought process when getting her brand out there.

“I have invested in mindset courses. This has helped me discover meditation as well which has been a game changer for me. Having a great mindset is everything. If you believe you can – you’re halfway there. In life you will meet a lot of challenges – being positive, seeing things from an empowered perspective, having your priorities in order and taking care of yourself is very important during your journey,” Jasmine advises.

Though Jasmine can’t be specific about all that she has planned, she does have some exciting projects planned for the end of the year and into 2021. She details them below:

“I am working on some really exciting projects at the moment. What I can tell you is that I am taking part in different shootings and content trips. Stay tuned on my channels for the latest updates.”

To find out more about Jasmine, follow her on Instagram here and check out her website here.


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