Javier Eastman, The Renowned Tattoo Artist and Podcaster, Starts 2023 Renewing His Brand & Shop

Javier Eastman is quite a successful entrepreneur, businessman, tattoo artist and a podcaster. Originally from Venezuela, Javier immigrated to the United States in 2002 and in 2009 he decided to start in the tattoo industry, a profession with which he fell completely in love and which allowed him to turn his life around 180 degrees.

Currently, Javier has won major conventions and has made a name for himself in the tattoo industry, where he is known as a highly talented, detail-oriented person who provides all of his clients with incredible results.

The name of his tattoo studio used to be “Causality Tattoo Company”, and now it changed to “Javier Eastman Tattoo Studio”, as a part of a series of changes that are taking his brand to the next level. 

While maintaining the friendly and creative environment oriented to customer service and original detailed creations, Javier Eastman Tattoo Studio counts with a team of very relented artists all backed up by the name Javier Easrman. Plus, his store is characterized by being visited by many artists!

“I trust my artists and their passion for this craft, their integrity for our job and the way how they respect and value our clientele so much that I want to back them up with the trust that many years tattooing in this area and around the world have generate from my customers and friends”, Javier said.

Eastman has a passion for painting, and in his free time, he works on his works of art! What’s more, he recently debuted in a movie and participated with several well-known professionals from the film and entertainment industry. 

He is currently perfecting every detail of his brand and preparing a new participation in another film for this year. Stay alert for the news of all the new projects coming in! To find out more about Javier, follow him on Instagram here.


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