Jeremy Renner takes his first jog since near-fatal snow plough accident

Jeremy Renner has shared a video showing his first jog on an anti-gravity treadmill, just months after he was almost killed by a snow plough.

The Marvel actor posted a short clip of him running on the machine in his living room, with the motivational caption: “First attempt at a very light jog with weight assisted lift for the broken tibia.

“Pain is progress for me”.

Wearing a red T-shirt and gray cap, the 52-year-old Oscar nominee can be seen running at a moderate pace while chatting to a friend who is filming.

He said: “It’s a new activity that I’m not used to. Walking and jogging [use] very different muscle groups…”

The actor also joked – “thank goodness for the titanium” – referring to the metal plates and screws used to reconstruct his body after his severe injuries.

The Hollywood star spent two weeks in intensive care after breaking more than 30 bones in a near-fatal snow plough accident on New Year’s Day.


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