Kamehameha Realty, Management & Investment Services – A Real Estate Investments Company Empowering Latinos To Use Their Money More Wisely

Kamehameha Realty, Management & Investment Services was founded in 2010 by Alejandra and Manuel Alvarado. They are a real estate company focused on the buying and selling of properties in the United States, specifically in Columbus, Ohio as well as South Florida. Kamehameha Realty, Management & Investment Services provides an array of services in the areas of foreclosures, real estate investments, real estate brokerage, loss prevention, and property renovations. 

The business is known for putting their clients first and having a strong focus on contributing to the financial growth of its community. As a family owned business, Kamehameha Realty, Management & Investment Services shares a passion for helping other individuals and families achieve their investment goals through real estate. Furthermore, through its crisis proof management skills, Alejandra and Manuel Alvarado have been able to close multiple successful deals, despite the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kamehameha Realty, Management & Investment Services is led by Alejandra Alvarado, who has extensive knowledge and experience in real estate. Her Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Finance, paired with her passion for real estate and over 10 years of experience in real estate, provides reassurance to her clients that they will receive the best service possible. As a Venezuelan woman who moved to the United States, she is bilingual and is able to relate to different cultures. This allows her to work with both English and Spanish speaking clients. 

One of Alejandra’s passions is to help Latinos create wealth by investing in real estate, rather than keeping their money in a savings account that doesn’t provide them any financial benefit. By continuing to increase their reach through Kamehameha Realty, Management & Investment Services, Alejandra Alvarado is teaching individuals how to leave a legacy for future generations, through their property investments. 

Learn more about Kamehameha Realty, Management & Investment Services here. You can also find Alejandra Alvarado on Instagram here


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