Kansas City: Black teenager shot ‘in head’ after going to wrong house to collect younger brothers

Ralph Yarl, 16, is in hospital following the shooting which happened at about 10 pm on Thursday in Kansas City, Missouri. Police said he went to the wrong house and was shot there.

A GoFundMe page, thought to be set up by Ralph’s aunt Faith Spoonmore, said the boy was shot once in the head and a second time after he fell to the ground.

Ralph’s aunt said the teenager escaped but had to knock at three different homes before someone helped him. Police said Ralph had a life-threatening injury but was in a stable condition.

The homeowner who allegedly shot Ralph was taken into custody on Thursday. He has been released pending further investigation.

Civil rights lawyer Ben Crump told local media that Ralph’s family said the gunman was white. “It is inescapable not to acknowledge the racial dynamics at play,” said Mr Crump, who is representing Ralph’s family.

Officials have not named the alleged attacker or confirmed their race. They have also not confirmed the number of times the victim was shot or the extent of his injuries.


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