Learn Why Juan Camilo Restrepo Founded Metaspace Academy and is Offering Free Classes on Cryptocurrencies and NFTs

Juan Camilo Restrepo is a young Colombian who is the founder of Metaspace Academy, the number 1 Spanish-speaking academy for people looking to understand the world of Cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Right now, Metaspace is about to launch three classes free on May 23, 25 and 27, where they will explain from A to Z  all the steps that must be taken by anyone looking to get started in this future digital trend and become experts on NFTs.

Juan from a very young age felt the need to get ahead along with his family so he started in the digital business industry and cryptocurrencies, which have led him to obtain great results. He has always looked for ways to help others achieve their goals by offering his knowledge and teaching thousands of people.

In 2019, Juan felt that something was missing in his life. He wanted something different because he saw that although he did not lack money, he did not have much time to share with his loved ones.

I understood that money without time did not have so much value. I started looking for opportunities and I realized that everything had evolved, even the way to make money. This led me to start in this digital world.” Juan says.

To achieve success, Juan had to overcome a series of obstacles among which the biggest one was staying focused, which is even more difficult when you are still very young. In the day-to-day, different situations do not allow the person to focus such as parties, friends, etc.

My biggest obstacle was to understand that if I wanted something different for my life and the lives of my loved ones I had to focus. For that it was necessary to give up many things that do little for me.” Juan comments.

Nowadays, Juan lets his results speak for him and it is precisely their results that make Metaspace Academy stand out from any other person or cryptocurrency academy that could be considered competition.

Our results will always be greater. We have positively impacted more than 10,000 people and created more than 100 experts. We have unique tools in the market and first-hand information about the projects that are about to come out.” Juan states.

Juan advises other young entrepreneurs looking to start their own business to have clear goals, not wait for the perfect time to begin but start at once, never give up, learn from mistakes, and cultivate a good mindset having clear that the proposed goals must be more significant than negative emotions

“It is important to know that the proposed goals must be more significant than negative emotions. I also advise having a set of strategies that allow you to know the most winning projects.” Juan shares, and adds, “Learning and training is the key to everything in order to take advantage of digital business.” 

In the near future, Juan is focusing on expanding the reach of Metaspace Academy and helping more people join the digital trend and learn about cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Learn more about Juan and Metaspace Academy here.


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