Lino Alvarez Sanoja is Helping Latino Baseball Players Grow Their Personal Brands With MASA Global Talent

The world appears to run on marketing–the most effective and efficient way to ensure the sale of a product or service. But when working on marketing a product or service, the interested party has to take into account many aspects such as packaging, size, color, and of course the price. 

It is also important to be clear to who the product is targeting and how to make it attractive to them. This is achieved through marketing and the different tools that are available today for this purpose.

Today, marketing is not exclusive to products and services because people can also be the object of marketing. In the last few years, athletes began to be involved in the promotion of products using their image and brand.

Some of the most sought after athletes are baseball players in minor leagues and in Major League Baseball. For these athletes, in particular Latino players, Lino Alvarez Sanoja is the right person to work with to get to the next level. 

Latino players represent more than 30% of players, and most of the game’s biggest stars come from Latin American countries. Success off the field is just as important, and unfortunately, Latino players have not yet achieved that. Their image has to improve and we have the tools to help them become more famous as players and, more importantly, to be in a better position to inspire others to make their dreams come true.” Lino explains.

Accordingly, Lino manages an MLBPA certified baseball agency, MASA Global Talent, driven and motivated by his passion for baseball. Lino has acquired a series of tools that serve him to help many Latino baseball players achieve their goals on social media and more. 

I grew up watching baseball in Venezuela, and since I can remember I have it in my blood. Baseball has been with me all my life and I can affirm that it is the best sport there is.” Lino shares.

Lino understands that nowadays being good on the field is not enough to be famous and a good brand promoter. It is now equally if not more important to be successful in their own marketing and growing their personal brand. 

There are so many factors around a baseball player that have a direct impact on their performance and success. Knowing those factors and how to control them made me open my own baseball agency as well.” He states.

Being an insider in the baseball sports industry and the work he has done with other sports agents has allowed Lino to realize the many opportunities that were being missed to provide growth to players.

The lack of efficient marketing strategies focused on baseball also made me open my own agency.” Lino says, and adds, “At MASA Global Talent, we offer marketing tailored to Latino players mainly and personalized service to each client, no matter what level they are playing at (minor or major league). We understand their history, where they come from, and we really put the player’s interest first. Our goal is to grow our agency by growing our players, not the other way around. We know how to integrate baseball activities with everyday life in terms of getting more traction from fans. We prioritize values above all else, and we simply won’t do anything to hurt a player in our agency.” 

These specialized services differentiate MASA Global Talent from other marketing agencies. Because the services are so specific to the Latino baseball players’ experiences, the challenges Lino and his team have faced are also different from other agencies. 

“The biggest challenges have been getting the message out and accessing the players’ inner circle. It is also challenging to gain a player’s trust without them knowing your work or knowing you personally for a while.” Lino says.

In the near future, MASA Global Talent will continue to work with Latino baseball players to grow their brands. To do this, Lino will continue to work directly with his clients, dealing with their frustrations and triumphs every day to get the best out of them for the benefit of everyone.

Find out more about Lino and MASA here


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