Lowering The Barrier Of Entry To Help Others Achieve Success. This Is What Chris Harder Does For A Living

Getting a business started is tough, getting it to have momentum is the hardest part of the entire process. It takes a lot of motivation to get past your fears and begin the career you were meant to get started in. In addition, you’ll stumble and crash into more obstacles than expected. This doesn’t mean that you should give up. This is why Chris Harder has dedicated his own career to helping people become the best versions of themselves they can possibly be.

“My name is Chris Harder, and I believe that when good people make good money, they do great things! As a successful entrepreneur myself, I also believe that everyone has the right to an abundant lifestyle, and the responsibility to help others have the same,” Chris states.

Having to start over after the last Great Recession, Chris just started off 2021 by investing in his tenth startup. It feels like yesterday that he was selling all their personal goods on craigslist just to start over from below zero. It’s been a long journey full of lessons and breakthroughs making a comeback like that.

Being known for his generosity, and wanting to share many of these lessons, Chris created a new kind of course to help people manage the common pitfalls of navigating their finances. His experience of “losing it all and having to rebuild from scratch as an entrepreneur, helped him create the perfect curriculum to help others navigate through the same obstacles, so that they do not make the same mistakes themselves. The course also offers everything you were never quite taught in school, but should have been.

Chris attributes a lot of his own success to the networks he’s built in masterminds. “Relationship Capital is the most important capital you can accumulate.”

“A good Mastermind should provide everything you need to succeed in one room. It will increase your business acumen and blow the roof off what you believe is possible! It should be more than getting access to celebrity entrepreneurs and brand new cutting-edge ideas. The right mastermind should provide you more support from other like-minded entrepreneurs than you’ve ever experienced before.” Chris explains.

What separates Chris from the crowd of others offering advice on how to grow and manage a business is that he realizes that not everyone has the financial resources or luxury to invest in coaching and one on one guidance. He’s always made sure to offer affordable options to ensure that finances are not a barrier to entry when it comes to receiving help.

“We have so many people who want one on one business coaching and ask us how to grow their small, traditional businesses, into something they can be proud of, so they can truly live an amazing life.

But most people can’t afford our high fees, and, if we’re being honest, we just have more fun helping out groups!

Then we had an idea…what if we worked with a small, exclusive group of people, no more than fifty or so, for just five months… and helped them in ALL areas of their business; their product development, their landing pages, their funnels, their lead generation, their email sequences?” Chris states.  This became the beginning of their now famous entry level mastermind, Fast Foundations.

Chris is one of the best people to be leading these kinds of conversations because he too used to struggle as well. He struggled with being trapped in a career he didn’t love. He struggled with managing their finances,  and it affected both he and his wife Lori’s life.  He was able to turn it all around and now he wants to give back what he learned along the way.

“I used to struggle with my finances. I would make good money, but I found myself looking back and asking, “Where the heck did it all go?”, but then I would quickly go back to just “outearning” the problem. Finally, it got to a point where my wife and I were just too overleveraged and found ourselves upside down on a home, having to short-sell it, and left with too much other debt as well, having to start from below zero. And if you’re like many of the people I coach, you have the best intentions with your money but honestly, haven’t really tried anything new recently. Listen, it’s not your fault! You haven’t been taught how to work with and think about your money,” Chris remarks.

Chris hopes that the way he was able to turn his life around will help other people just like you realize they can do the same!

“What I left out of my story is that now, after 10+ years of studying, learning, and working on my mindset and habits with money, I, along with my wife, have now own or have invested in ten different multi million dollar businesses. And I share freely every good and bad part of my story to let you know that YES…you CAN turn it around and YES, you are able to live the ABUNDANT life of your dreams!” Chris exclaims.

To find out more about Chris, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.


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