Marie Blanc is a Medium and Seer Who Works as a Channeler and offers Courses on Extrasensory Perception and More

Marie Blanc is a medium and seer with a modern and dynamic approach to the use of spirituality in today’s world. She has perceived since her childhood that she had some gifts and developed clairvoyance. 

Professionally, Marie is a graphic designer. Although she had another plan for her life, as time went by, she accepted her destiny and decided to accept her gift of clairvoyance and put it at the service of other people.

“I specialize in mediumship, parapsychology, psychomagic, hypnosis, and other techniques. I needed to feel that I had a formal framework that prepared me with responsibility in the face of a world prejudiced about spirituality despite its boom.” Marie shares.

Today, Marie works as a channeler developing courses related to the development of extrasensory perception, mediumship and counseling at all levels. She has worked with politicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who wishes to achieve wellness.

Marie found her motivation in her search to find answers and to feel better. She found a way to put her experiences and knowledge at the service of others so that they can achieve their objectives. 

One of the biggest obstacles Marie has faced include overcoming the fear of not being good enough in her work. These doubts and fears have the capacity to assail entrepreneurs, professionals and even mediums.

To take confidence in myself and say, ‘I have a gift and I put it at the service of those who need it.’” Marie explains. 

Marie stands out from other mediums or seers because of her honesty in her treatment of others, her professionalism, and her academic development. She is in constant training and her treatment is very focused on reality. 

I do not speak of miracles. I speak of realities that can be changed and the miracle that one can generate in one’s life without putting the power in the other. Not on the outside, but in oneself.” She states.

For Marie, mediumship and clairvoyance are an important and integral part of her being, of what she is and what she represents. Both characteristics accompany her wherever she goes.

The encounter heals. I invite you to challenge yourself and let go of your limiting beliefs. The bridge is laid. I wait for you.” Marie adds.

Follow Marie’s journey here.


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