Mark Karten Has Had Decades of Real Estate Experience. He Has the Pulse of the Market to Help Sellers and Buyers Succeed.

Mark Karten has been in real estate for almost two decades. He has a true mastery of the business from all aspects as he has been in multiple roles. Since then, he has started his own business in boutique real estate brokerage in the Queens, New York area.

“I’ve been in real estate sales for almost 18 years. I’ve worked in every facet of the business – residential sales and rentals as well as commercial sales and rentals. I base my success on two factors. One, my ability to analyze the market and convey that to my client, as to how to move forward to their best advantage. Two, my marketing skills when working with sellers,” Mark explains.

Mark has a particular affinity for expired listings. He saw an opportunity in the real estate business to assist homeowners with listings that were going unsold despite the booming business that surrounded him.

As I’ve watched a record number of homes being listed, I was pretty disheartened to see that 25% of single family homes have gone unsold and 33% of condos and co-ops have gone unsold. To make the decision to list your home to sell, go through all the preparation and challenges for six months and then have your listing expire – that’s devastating to a homeowner – and it was my sole reason for re-focusing my business model to offer my unique combination of old-fashioned service with cutting-edge technology.

The neighborhoods I work in are a mix of single and two-family homes, condos and co-ops. When the news says that homes are selling within days, that’s really a reflection of single and two-family homes. Condos, and especially co-ops, have much more competition with less differentiation between listings,” Mark states.

“Knowledge is power and I’ve created a unique real-time dashboard – – that shows whether it’s a buyer or seller’s market for each type of home in my area. It gives a homeowner specific, detailed information versus the generic “everything is selling instantly” mantra that is so common today,” says Mark.

Mark, due to his numerous years of experience, is able to provide an incredible buying and selling experience for those who need help in the real estate world. His key to success is making sure each customer feels heard and appreciated, so that he can best meet their needs.

“Success is delivering a consistent, exceptional experience from start to finish for my clients. I’ve found the most important element of success is communication. When everyone is on the same page, expectations can be addressed and there are no assumptions about any part of the process.

Will there be challenges? Yes, without question. It’s working as a team and having the experience to offer solutions that make everyone able to move forward to a successful conclusion,” Mark says.

Now, Mark is helping his neighborhood, the people who live there, and many other surrounding areas. This has allowed him to pursue his passions while giving back to those around him and finding a home for people who were, up until that point, unable by showing the value in single family homes. He is also looking into fun and exciting new projects which he details below:

“There is such a diversity of housing styles and the way people show them off, that I began taking pictures of the ones I loved. After a while, I had so many on my camera roll, I didn’t know what to do with them.

I realized that they’re really a celebration of my neighbors and decided to create a blog for each style of home. Now I have eleven different blogs about these homes – – plus a blog about different vegan options throughout Queens. Being vegan is another focus of mine and it seems it gets easier every day to find great choices throughout the area.”

To keep up with all that Mark is doing, you can follow him on Instagram here and check out his website here.


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