Meet Jonathan Tjoa Algreen, Impact Investor & Multimillion Business Builder Since 2000

It’s more important than ever for companies to embrace a sustainable approach. Fortunately, many industries are looking to make greener choices. Meet, Jonathan Algreen, philanthropist, serial investor, thought leader in impact driven business, and multi-CEO/founder of companies such as Impact Business Investment Group (IBIG), 1 People, Business for Planet, and co-owner of Valified, Nordic Impact Bridge, DoLand, LOVENATURE Superfoods, and Wennick–Lefèvre. These brands focus on people and planet impacts and cater to the audiences and clients who seek the same.

From a very young age, Jonathan enjoyed the many aspects of entrepreneurship. Already at the age of 5-6 years old he got the idea to buy candy in bags in the nearby shop and then sell it again piece by piece to family, friends and neighbors. He believed it showed his talent for entrepreneurship, a discipline that just came naturally to him and that already manifested back then at a very young age. Now he has over 20 years of experience, having founded, ran, bought and sold businesses multiple times, Jonathan had always advocated for his values of ethicality and transparency. Each of Jonathan’s businesses he founded have progressive green initiatives and have social impact integrated in their respective business model. They all operate in different fields and sectors such as; fashion, jewelry, education, food, tech, fintech, pharmaceutical, medico, property, investment platforms and more. However, they all are committed to a sustainable and transparent supply chain and with a purpose bigger than business itself – to change the world to a better place for all of us. 

Jonathan’s main challenge in his sustainable initiative was the ability to communicate something new, and something that requires a first-mover mindset from the consumers, retailers and the business community in general. For example in his customer centric sustainable fashion company, 1 People, struggled with getting consumers to understand their values and different approach to others in the industry. Understanding the disadvantages and advantages of being a ‘first-mover’ is important as it can be just as tough as competing against major established players. 

Nevertheless, with those values, he created a safe space on social media to elevate and nurture aspiring entrepreneurs. Jonathan is not playing in one specific industry, but in each and every sector or environment, his commitment to the transparency and sustainability of the supply chain is unparalleled. He ensures his brand’s honest ethos is embedded in the business, solving retailers biggest pain points and starting collaborations in a win-win manner. Jonathan now shares his best practices, including the highs and lows, and encourages his followers to be curious and test their ideas, ask questions and learn from their mistakes without judgement. “I aim to educate, engage and empower our future to become not only entrepreneurial but socially responsible. This is a part of my ‘giving back’ to the business community and the many new entrepreneurs around the world, my small contribution to the next generations.” says Jonathan.

Most of the businesses he owns operate under the big umbrella company, Impact Business Investment Group (IBIG). This company focuses on finding promising future entrepreneurs with ideas that prioritize people and the planet. With that objective, they fund entrepreneur’s startup ideas and continue to see them into fruition once implemented. In reality, Jonathan does not work for money, because he already has financial freedom. He works to make a positive change, contributing to a better world, and a better tomorrow for more people.

“I use and see both business and money as a tool to do this, and I want more people to not only survive but thrive and get the true freedom in their lives which money and a better financial situation can help them to achieve. I want poverty to be eradicated, entirely, because it destroys not only hope but also whole families and their future. We are too rich, too powerful and too good, to not once and for all make poverty in this world a part of the past and keep it that way. I truly want this for all.” says Jonathan about his responsibility and purpose in life.

Jonathan’s future prospects are to have a regional office setup in Europe, 5-6 market launches in new markets for 1 People and 3-4 investments in new companies for Impact Business Investment Group. Most importantly, Jonathan continues his goal to change the business community from within and to solve the big challenges of today. As such, he will launch a free online entrepreneur programme, Business for Planet that will help educate, help and mentor, and even fund impact driven and socially driven entrepreneurs and investors, to provide great business ideas as a stepping stone to change the world to a better place.

For anymore information on Jonathan Algreen, check out his website on and follow him on Instagram @jonathanalgreen


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