Meet Juan Tamayo: the young educator who wants to train 100,000 entrepreneurs.

Juan Tamayo is a young Colombian educator and marketing expert who wants to train the entrepreneurs behind at least 100,000 projects to excel in the digital marketing and digital sales industry with his company SocialMinds.

For a decade, Juan focused his career on creating tools and strategies in the area of social media marketing to get more customers. He has worked with over 70 multinational companies in the development of strategies and tactics, resulting in over $150 million in ROI. 

Most recently, Juan has been convinced that there is currently a great need for many entrepreneurs to understand how social media can work as a tool to help them grow their business and take them to the next level.

Corporate education needs to be restructured in-depth, and I want to help.” Juan says.

Juan and his partner Marcel Ramirez have set as one of their goals to share with entrepreneurs behind 100,000 projects throughout Latin America the indispensable tools that will help them increase their turnover and thus make their businesses profitable, and to achieve this they created their company SocialMinds in 2019. 

Education should not be limited to startups or companies that can afford corporate consulting.” Juan shares.

SocialMinds provides companies and individuals with education and consulting through resources such as courses and customized training conducted by experts and consultants in the marketing industry who have worked in the 500 largest companies in the world.

We created SocialMinds to bring together the most important leaders in the marketing industry for ventures that require their knowledge to benefit from it and grow. We want to bring education, transformation and digital tools toLatin America.” Juan explains.

For Juan, traditional education is not scalable and therefore it is challenging for SocialMinds to reach all the startups and people they target.

Our biggest obstacle, and challenge, is to create an educational model that allows companies to have quality education to create businesses that have a positive impact.” Juan adds.

In a world so saturated with diverse companies that are dedicated to the same thing, SocialMinds stands out for its ability to develop models in the advertising area that are scalable and that understand each product and service involved in the process.

In the course of the next three years, Juan and his partner have set a goal to have more than 100,000 educated companies, in addition to expanding their presence in more countries.

We are currently based in Panama, Mexico, Colombia, and the United States. We are looking to double the number of offices in 12 months.” Juan affirms.

No matter what venture entrepreneurs are currently running, everyone can enter SocialMinds for free and learn from an Instagram for business course at no cost. In addition, entrepreneurs can have access to a specialist who can answer their questions and help them to develop a fully customized marketing plan.

Learn more about SocialMinds here and about Juan Tamayo here.


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