Meet Kevin and Juan Daniel Escobar: The MLM Marketing Leaders and Business Coaches Who are Helping People to Achieve Success

Kevin and Juan Daniel Escobar are two brothers, who have been in the world of entrepreneurship since 2014 and today are young experts in everything related to business and digital investments.

They are MLM marketing leaders and also work as business coaches. Through their career, they have learned and been trained by great experts and mentors. Together, Kevin and Juan Daniel have given more than 200 conferences on digital business and investments in seven countries.

Moreover, through their work they have impacted the lives of more than 100,000 people, have held important leadership positions in different MLM marketing companies, and have specialized in developing the maximum potential of the people around them, creating new success stories.

For the Escobar brothers, everything started when they attended a conference in 2014 and heard about financial freedom and personal growth. Following the conference, they decided to invest their savings and some money lent by their parents to start their first business and continue attending more conferences in other countries to gain the knowledge they needed to reach  the success they currently have.

What motivated the Escobar brothers was the idea of joining the exclusive group of people who live the life they dreamed of–those who leave a legacy through their development not only physically and mentally but also professionally and financially.

“We did not want to be just one more. We wanted to leave a legacy and show other people that it is possible.” Kevin says.

When they started their business, the Escobar brothers faced criticism from the people closest to them such as their friends and family who did not trust in what they were doing and constantly criticized them.

“They thought we should follow the traditional path of study, get a university degree and get a good job. However, from the beginning, we believed in what we were doing and in our skills. Don’t accept any opinion from people who have never built anything.” They advise.

What makes Kevin and Juan Daniel different from other business coaches is what  they call:  their success system, which consists in a specific  guide step-by-step for people who start an entrepreneurship project with them.

“We’ve put  all the knowledge acquired in these 8 years in this system, which will save you time and prevent you from making the mistakes  we already made before. You can learn from mistakes or you can learn from mentors. Which one  do you prefer?” Kevin states.

For the Escobar brothers, success is seen as destiny. It’s a path in which each step taken is a necessary element for the person to become the best they can be at what they do.

“When you have clarity ñor what you want to do in your life, the universe has no choice but to give it to you.  and as you progress, and  you look back, you will see that everything that has happened in your life has been absolutely necessary to get to the point where you are today. At that moment you are conscious about success .” Kevin explains, and adds, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. Additionally, it is important to know that sometimes in business, fear is fuel to take you off from your comfort zone and raise your standard. “ 

Currently, Kevin and Juan Daniel are focused on their personal growth and the consolidation of their identity as successful MLM marketing leaders and business coaches. Their goal is to create a community of more than one million people in the course of five years who have joined their knowledge and resources in order to succeed.

You can learn more about Kevin here, and about Juan Daniel here.


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